What if Mclaren had sided with Alonso in 2007?

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    Not sure if this has been posted before…. but keen to hear your thoughts on how you think Mclaren/Alonson/Hamilton would all have faired had Ron Dennis given Alonso what he wanted in that fateful 2007 season?

    Would Alonso be a multiple champion for Mclaren?

    Would Alonso have even left Mclaren?

    Would Hamilton sill be at Mclaren?


    Had Mclaren actually sided with either drivers in 2007, Alonso would’ve many races Hamilton did based on pure favoritism, most notably Indianapolis & Hungary. Thus, he would have been champion that season.

    I think Alonso would have had a great chance of winning in 2008. Hamilton made quite a bit more errors in his second year than his first ironically. The main reason to why Fernando had such a hard time against Lewis in his rookie season was because Lewis didn’t drive like one, he was practically flawless and probably more consistent than Alonso that year.

    In my opinion, if Mclaren favored Alonso and he kept his head cool he also would’ve won championships in 2007, 2008, and arguably 2010. He also would have given Vettel a much closer run for his money in 2011. Of course, all we can do is predict what would have happened, we’ll never actually know…


    I think it’s a very unlikely assumption, I don’t think that even Ferrari would have done something like that. You can apply team orders if one of your drivers is remarkably quicker than the other or if one has significantly more points in the standings. Neither was ever the case at McLaren in 2007. It’s just insane to slow a quick driver down artificially. One also needs to remember the deep relationship that Hamilton had with the team already before joining them.

    I don’t really know about Alonso, I think his character doesn’t suit McLaren anyway but it could be that he would have won the title in 2007 and stayed with the team afterwards. But I really doubt if Hamilton would still be at McLaren after 2007, and it’s very likely that he would have been picked up by another top team.


    How was Indy a win for Hamilton just because of favouritism?


    @matt90 I think @Kingshark means that if McLaren had favorited Alonso, then they would’ve given team orders to Hamilton – and Indianapolis would have been given up for Alonso.


    Ah, that makes more sense.

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