what is the ‘Albon’ media frenzy all about

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    I am still trying to understand the ‘shark feeding frenzy’ with which commentators are so eager to dismiss Alex Albon from Red Bull.
    From my observer perspective (and given that I am a predominantly Lewis fan and have been for many years) I get somewhat amazed by the calls for ‘instant success’ that echo down the corridors of a sport that seams lacking in the knee jerk excitement so many seem to crave. It does not seem to matter that we are witnessing a period in the sport of incredible, mind boggling excellence and that most of these 20 drivers are truly remarkable in their skills.
    So, please help me understand how it is that a driver who is currently 4th in the championship points and has only been 1 year in F1, yet is consistently compared to his team mate who has quite a few years experience, should be such a subject of unwarranted media pressure.
    Every sportsperson deserves a fair chance in their sport and I rather think that Albon has become the lightning rod for non-Merc fans to express their disappointment at the continued (and well deserved) success and dominance of Mercedes and Hamilton.


    Hidden in the interesting article on BBC by Jolyon Palmer is the following observation from JP, “In all the last three races Albon has ended up on an odd strategy.”
    However, the current media feeding frenzy about Albon’s ‘relative’ performance continues apace. Despite the fact that Albon is currently 4th in the driver standings (good or bad strategy calls notwithstanding) and is constantly being compared with his teammate, a man with 5 years F1 experience. Why not compare Alex’s first year with Max’s first year for statistical honesty?
    It seems to me that AA is willingly playing ‘the team game’ that RB desire him to play and the Spa tyre strategy seems to confirm this.Is it possible that AA is a better choice because his personality is less abrasive that PG, or maybe even Seb ?

    Joe McGuire

    I’m with you on the confusion around AA.

    Redbull has played a role in this as they’ve developed a reputation for swapping out drivers mid-season. I wonder if them having a sister team needs to be addressed? No other team on the grid has essentially 4 drivers to choose from and it seems like they really take advantage of that in not so great ways. Side thought: just watching the AlphaTauri group celebrate this weekend really got me wondering if they don’t deserve to be treated with more respect, as a stand alone F1 Team, rather than “redbull’s reserve drivers”.

    As for AA, weekend after weekend I have been absolutely baffled by Redbull’s pit strategy with him; Crofty and Brundle also seem confused from time to time. It feels like Redbull is absolutely obsessed with the Mercs right now and with Max seemingly the only driver who can come close to matching them they’ve become singularly focused.

    I mean even Max is getting annoyed with them; a few races ago saying “I don’t care about the Mercs, lets just focus on our race.”



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