What is the best result Manor can hope for in 2015?

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    Based on what we’ve seen and the fact a new car and engine are on their way, could Manor score a point or two this year? They have reliability and two drivers who are not out of their depth. We have a small field of cars, and a McLaren which is stubbornly slow. And with any luck, Force India will head backwards.

    Any thoughts?


    McLaren will no doubt improve, and more quickly than Manor, so I wouldn’t include them in Manor’s chances, but with a new car being introduced later in the year, along with the upgrade to 2015 Ferrari engines, I can imagine we will see a slight improvement. However, I still think they will remain at the back of the grid for the whole season.

    I think their best result will simply be whatever race has the most retirements (excluding Australia of course), provided at least one car finishes. Obviously their position will depend on how many retirements there are. Monaco could be their best shot, as they proved last year.


    could Manor score a point or two this year?

    Well, if we see a Monaco 1997, why not?

    Otherwise, no idea:)

    Iestyn Davies

    What we can expect from the bottom three teams:

    Honda to dial up the engine to full, developing their ERS (or making it reliable at full chat). Significant potential.
    2015 Force India B-Spec car, basically the proper car but half way through the season. Moderate potential.
    2015 Manor as well as 2015 Ferrari engines. Big step on the engine, probably the car will just be trying to remember what the design was before it was lost to the CVA.

    Renault could also gain a little from token use, and if Red Bull iron out their problems, it’ll be hard for Manor to be ahead of anybody, but the 2015 engines should at least put them closer to the rear of the pack.


    I was thinking today… don’t remember seeing either of the Manor cars all weekend on the BBC highlights. Did anyone see them on the full coverage? I know they were last in the race but didn’t see them get lapped by the front runners either, perhaps Bernie has refused to give them coverage?


    If they get the 2015 Ferrari engine, maybe they can hope for a P10 this year in an abnormal race (lots of DNFs and penalties – problems).

    That is if they can be in the same lap with the top 10.

    However, as all teams but Mclaren have points (and I think McLaren will get some by Monaco), last place in the championship is certain.


    @s162000 It looks like Manor are paying a heavy price for their non-participation in Melbourne. While I like this team very much, I have to say them failing to fire up an engine or turn a wheel is deeply unimpressive.


    @s162000 @junior-pilot The Manors were indeed visible at certain points during the race (and I’m not just talking about the start), but I would say they were no more or less visible than they were in previous years. Backmarkers have never got a lot of airtime. When they did, they were either battling for position (e.g. Kobayashi and Bianchi in China last year) or happened to be in shot while being lapped. Now that Caterham are gone, Manor have no other team to fight against, hence less chance of getting a camera focused on them. To say their lack of airtime is a consequence of their Melbourne non-participation (though they still deserve credit for simply getting everything there given the circumstances) is, from my own point of view anyway, a mere conspiracy theory.


    @s162000 I think you might be right, I hardly remember seeing Manor at all during the race, perhaps in the background once or twice. Bernie’s vindictiveness knows no bounds. I really hope they scrape a point or two in a rainy or high-attrition race, it would be two fingers up to Ecclestone … and to Bob Fearnly too!


    @Rodney @Simtek He made it very clear in the interview with Eddie Jordan he doesn’t want them in F1 but Simtek has a point, they are only racing against themselves at the back. It could be a combination of both, wouldn’t put it past Bernie at all! Yes it would be great if they could get a point again this season! Fingers crossed!


    @Simon I was staggered to hear Bernie say he didn’t want Manor in F1. I’ve never heard him say that about any team, not even Life, Andrea Moda or EuroBrun – I have no idea why BE would have such antagonism towards 1/10th of his entire team strength.

    Incidentally my post one up from yours I wrote about five days ago; and only appeared yesterday! Since then we had Bahrain – I was amazed to see a bit of on-car footage from Stevens’ car at the end of quali, and Merhi circulating at the end of quali too. And there was a bit of Manor visible during the race too.

    I agree, I soooo want Manor to score a point in 2015!


    Manor could score a point if certain crazy events happen: say on the 3rd to last lap at any race half the field retires due to a massive crash in the middle of the field.

    In reality, I do not think they will score points. But who knows?


    If enough cars crash they could come first :P

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