What new TV graphics should F1 have?

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    Today’s story about the new ‘overtaking probability’ graphic coming to F1 next year got me thinking: What new graphics should F1 have which would improve the coverage?

    Other championships like NASCAR, Moto GP and Formula E are a bit more ambitious with their coverage – should F1 nick some of their ideas?

    Or has the screen become too cluttered? Would you like the option for a graphics-free (and perhaps commentary-free) stream?


    Too cluttered – lets just watch the cars (from Kimi lol)
    Too many graphics aren’t great- keep it more simple, but don’t go over the top with graphics.


    I’d like to see a bit more consistency in the graphics. Especially in qualifying this year it has been stupid that at times we only see the top 18 cars on the classification list on the left of the screen, instead of all the 20 cars.

    Some qualifying improvements:
    – show where the car is on the track by three small dots/boxes next to each name, with colours that indicate how the lap is going (green for personal best, pink for fastest overall etc.)
    – remove the “driver in danger” graphic. Especially during closing stages of Q1, the order can change rapidly, and I don’t see this bringing anything new.
    – more times at the bottom of the screen. Go for three instead of two. Pilot picture-in-picture at times so we can follow two laps at the same time.
    – and what happened to the micro-sectors they tried a few years ago? Are they still breaking the whole system or why haven’t they reappeared?

    – keep the race classification on at all times, even during the replays. It’s frustrating to see the replays of the start on lap 5, when there’s usually still some racing going on. At least show it on the graphics that positions have changed.
    – remove the pit window open thingy. To a casual viewer it might implicate that the pits are closed or something, and drivers are only allowed to pit at certain times.



    dear god just give us splitscreen replays like every other sport on the planet.

    if you going to cut away on lap 3-5 every single race for 5 minutes of repetitive replays of the start – SPLITSCREEN

    if you’re going to cut away to every single midfield pitstop – SPLITSCREEN

    if you’re going to show gormless celebrities wearing oversized headphones and staring at their mobiles – SPLITSCREEN

    this has driven me mad watching F1 for years. it’s not some revolutionary technology, what the hell is the problem with FOM?

    and yes i know that it’s technically not a “graphic”, but every time the conversation shifts to FOM’s TV coverage i get triggered.


    The classification on the side of the screen could include an indication of which drivers have made their mandatory pit stops and which ones still have to stop again. Possibly even include an indication of which tyres everybody is on and how many laps they have done on them (a coloured number is sufficient for this).

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