What were your favourite moments of the China GP?

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    I have 2 which were just fantastic for me.
    1.- When both Ferrari mugged Hamilton into turn 1
    2.- Both passes Hamilton did on Button! I can only imagine the look on his face every time he had him in sight! He must´ve had a grin from ear to ear once he passed him!

    All in all, a great race, not perfect but, a great race none the less!


    Webber’s incident with Vergne simply because of the shock factor, never in a century did I expect a Red Bull to have a collision with a Toro Rosso, out of all the cars.

    Vettel’s late race charge on Hamilton deserves an honorable mention. It was mental and had me on the edge of my seat.


    I think Massa’s pass on Hamilton in the opening laps was awesome. Also thought the last lap was really exciting, and Sebastian going too deep on the corner before the DRS detection point was an exciting monent


    I must say it was shocking indeed to see Webber make such a “noob” mistake but, in all honesty, he must have thought JEV was gonna jump out of the STR do for herr Vettel! XD


    1. Eddie Jordan before the start of the race : His driving style ( referring to F.Alonso ) is not suited for this circuit, it’s more suited to F.Massa because fernando damage the front tyres…just was wondering what Alonso could do ( with this Ferrari ) in circuit that suits his driving style ( lap everyone ? ), dammit he didnt finish that Malaysian gp..
    2. Ferrari A team on Hamilton.
    3.Webber trying to hit Vettel but it didn’t work for millimetres..:)
    4. Alonso making strategic move to not use KERS in the long straight but only in the start straight for overtaking.
    5. Mclaren in a 2 stop strategy.
    6. Fernando : I’m not pushing …why setting fastest laps.
    7. Last lap of the Race
    8. Hamilton : he is all over the place….referring to Perez and his waving for defending positions.


    I´m surprised nobody has mentioned the dirty move Sutil did on Di Resta after the hairpin before the last corner. Is it just me or did he intentionally put him on the grass?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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