What will the F1 grid order look like in 2016?

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    R.J. O’Connell

    If you asked me yesterday:

    1. Mercedes
    2. Ferrari
    3. Red Bull
    4. McLaren
    5. Williams
    6. Force India
    7. Toro Rosso
    8. Haas
    9. Renault
    10. Sauber
    11. Manor

    I’m gonna wait it out until testing’s over to update as needed.


    Here’s my call after seeing the final results of day one of testing. Some of this is taking into account you’ve got some rookie drivers or test drivers instead of the full time vets.

    Red Bull
    Force India
    Toro Rosso

    Garthie Davies

    Wow very interesting reading your opinions, mine is not that relevant as I’ve been a mclaren button fan for years and always start the year with a childish optimism i just hope it’s a close fought battle the ferraris are closer the Williams get a few wins and haas are up the field with Renault works looking forward to Baku I hope the ultras are a gamble that collapse at no particular point and honda have hit the power/reliability mark matters not I love and watch the f1 circus with fervour every year brilliant!!


    1 Mercedes
    2 Ferrari
    3 Williams
    4 Force India
    5 Red Bull
    6 Toro Rosso
    7 McLaren
    8 Sauber
    9 Haas
    10 Renault
    11 Manor


    Further on the ‘how much Toro Rosso will gain/lose by switching from the less powerful Renault to the more powerful Ferrari, but from an up-to-date engine to a year-old one’ topic.

    It’s interesting to note how Ricciardo claimed the new Renault (sorry, TAG Heuer) PU is not as much of an improvement as Renault expected, yet when Formula1.com asked Franz Tost who would their main opponents be in 2016, he listed Force India, McLaren, Sauber and Haas instead of Red Bull (or Renault, for that matter, although he probably expects the latter to be more behind rather than ahead.)


    Based on the first test, this is most likely the competitive order of the teams for Melbourne

    1. Mercedes
    2. Ferrari
    3. Force India
    4. Williams
    5. Toro Rosso
    6. Red Bull
    7. Haas
    8. Renault
    9. McLaren
    10. Sauber
    11. Manor


    Hey, guys!

    With only 3 races left on the 2016 calendar, it’s been fascinating to go through all our season predictions. Shows to me most of us have a pretty good handle on F1. Looking forward to the last 3! :-)


    My first post was quite accurate, I was the only person to put Red Bull as a high as 3rd (they will even get second this year) and Force India beating Williams to P4 in the constructors. I underrated McLaren and Haas, who were both two places down. So overall pleased!

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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