What would happen if teams could use tyres freely

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    Full range available, no compound requirements.

    Would it make racing more unpredictable and close?


    I expect it would make things less predictable as we wouldn’t start races knowing in advance what tyres half the grid would use and that would would all make one pit stop at least and switch to another compound. I don’t see any reason to assume it would help cars race together more closely – the solution to that lies in the durability of the tyres themselves as well as other things like aerodynamics.


    Actually I expect that each manufacturer will develop their car and a favored tyre and it could lead to some specificities. Buy after a few races cars properties would be known.
    Thus I would not expect less predictable but more diversified.


    They use to do this back in the 80’s (and maybe early 90’s) they had A,B,C & D. The drivers may have 3 ‘C’s’ on and one D on a back tyre depending on the circuit. A lot less regulations back then of course, and different cars.


    But would it close the gaps? Would some backmarker team’s struggle with a certain tyre make them more competitive if they could use their favorite throughout? Or would it be offset by the same happening with others? What would be the relative gains? Not sure, but seems frontrunners are Ok(ish) on most tyres whereas some BM teams can have quite a drop-off on some compounds.

    Also, some cars are kinder on their tyres and could perhaps benefit from running long (maybe even a whole race) without pitting, whereas others with handling issues could alleviate those with grippy tyres and instead go fast and stop more. (maybe change the fronts only)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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