When did you start following F1 for real?

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    You can edit your profile to include when you started following F1, and I’ve often wondered on what people have based what they’ve put there. Did you put 1990 for example if you saw your first race when you were 5 years old, and after that just sporadically followed the sport until a later stage when you started to really follow the sport. I for one remember when I saw Villeneuve and Häkkinen win their WDCs but didn’t really follow the sport too much after that, just a couple of races. 2008 again I started watching for real, every race, every qualifying and later also every practise session. I really wish I hadn’t missed the Räikkönen rookie years but what can you do about it now?! So what have you based your “When did you start following F1?” answer on? I put 2008.


    1997, first time I got up in the middle of the night to watch the Australian GP. I would have been 9 at the time and I’d watched as long as I can remember but only really because my dad watched, Hill winning in 1996 got me much more interested so when 1997 kicked off I was completely into it. I drifted away from F1 in the mid-2000s but in recent years I got back in.

    Andy Redden



    Parents have always been fans so I’ve watched since aged 3 or 4!

    I have limited memory of any championships until the late 80s though and cried when watching the senna crash in 1994. I would put 1991 down in terms of first properly following f1.


    1999 was the first year I really remember I watched sporadically in 97 and 98 but 99 was the first year I really started watching the races and recording them and watching them agian I was 4 at the time.


    My first distinct memory of F1 is Imola ’94, when I was 5, but I know I must’ve seen F1 before, because I knew who Senna was. As my profile indicates, ’98 was my first real F1 season, though I didn’t watch all races. Actually, this year is the first I’ve seen them all live lol.


    I haven’t missed a single practice session, qualifying or race since Jerez 1997


    My first season watching F1 was 2010. I have watched countless videos on youtube and bought some season reviews for the past seasons so I know a fair bit. I think the 2010 season will always be my favourite since it was my first

    Frain stermin

    1997 cos of schumy

    Fer no.65

    I started watching F1 from day 1, I guess. The first race I remember was San Marino 1994, though.

    My family is full of petrolheads, so we watched every single series around on the telly. It wasn’t until 1997 that I started watching F1 and got interested in it because of Hakkinen! :) I liked him a lot…

    I then stopped paying attention to motorsports and switched to football for a couple of years (early 2000s, because Schumi made it incredibly boring) and I came back strong in 2003. Since then, I’ve never missed a Grand Prix.


    I remember bits and pieces of 2002, and I only watched the races convenient for European Time Zone. Then, in 2003 was the first season I closely followed as a 7 year old.


    Well now i feel like an old f@rt. One of my very earliest memories is seeing Prost in a Renault at Monaco – I’m assuming that would have been ’82 or ’83. I think the first season I watched in its entirety (or as best as you could with the BBC coverage) was 1986. I’ve followed pretty closely since, drifted away from F1 a little when CART was at its peak and Schumacher was winning everything in sight, but this is one of the best, if not THE best season I’ve ever seen.


    Though I’m sure I saw some F1 before hand, my first recollection of watching was Jerez 1997 qualifying.

    Aside from a temporary drift from 2001-2004 where I missed a few races (especially after Schumacher had wrapped up the title by mid-season in 2002), I’ve been hooked ever since.


    I said 1985, I guess that’s my earliest memories of seeing or hearing races on TV, when Niki Lauda and Elio de Angelis were still around. Got into it properly, looking out for news and watching every race I could, about 1989. At least there’s one person older than me…


    Started with a bang in 1996, really only watched initially because it was in my home town of Melbourne but it hooked me in!
    Had a break from it 2006-2011 and only sort of kept up with the news due to travelling and living with people who flatly refused to allow it on the TV (crazy people). But back into it with a bang this year thanks to Sky F1, completely immersed again and now busily catching up on what happened in the last few years.

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