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    It would be interesting to see how the F1 Fanatic readership statistics compare to the percentage of viewers by country that watch the race broadcast on television (not that I imagine that information is easily obtainable).

    Do the stats also include people who read the articles by RSS or is it only for direct visits to the site?

    I imagine there would be lots of return visits. F1 Fanatic is easily the most comprehensive Formula 1 site I’ve come across.

    Tom K

    “They might also be the type of people who google articles on Kubica and vote for him in polls no matter what” what is that suppose to mean? Wow Polish people apparently cheat and lie in everything… And the Polish traffic on the site is obviously from Poland as UK visitors are not “registered” online as poles (how the hell would anyone know). As a pole I visit this site because it doesn’t have the usual bias of every other polish F1 site towards Kubica. And since a good part of us don’t speak that great in english, we tend to keep to ourselves and are not simply trolling on polls.


    I am from Bangladesh & seems like I am the only one, so am I in the ‘unknown’ list or ‘others’ list.


    I’m not too surprised that such a huge chunk come from the US. Since most of the media here could care less about F1, our sources of info are limited to pretty much just the internet. I follow Keith’s blog because it offers it offers the important info I’m looking for (and sometimes the stuff I don’t know I’m looking for!) I’m pretty sure it shows up pretty high on most searches for F1 stuff. So, naturally, people here looking to find out more wind up at either this site or others that offer similar articles and updates.


    India seems to be in a pretty good position for a country who’s yet to hold a grand prix. Uncle Berney probably already realised this way early.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Hey, hey, hey, it was one in the morning when I made that comment! Cut me some slack.

    Red Andy

    I can vouch for some of the views from China – I logged on a few times while I was there in August. Presumably not 0.49% of the total, though, so there must be a few genuine Chinese readers!


    I wonder what percentage of those countries that only had one visitor were F1 fanatics on holiday! Certainly I boosted the views from Peru last month…

    Keith Collantine

    Pinball – Direct visitors. Traffic from RSS is healthy though.


    Add Pakistan in it


    Hmm, had this been done three months ago poland wouldve been higher up as my whole family was there, and I tell EVERYONE that gives a shat about this sport about F1F, but still very suprised about it being so high! I’m a little sad my fellow poles don’t comment with me (doesn’t matter if your biased toward anyone) because the site could use a little forum diversity, it’s mostly just the regulars I see on here….


    Polishboy – I do!

    I would post on the forum more often if I could have my own password, though. Either you can’t change it or I haven’t been able to figure it out how, which means I always have to find my welcome e-mail and copy paste it which more often than not I can’t be bothered to do :(


    No Venezuela? I’m in Venezuela and I check out F1fanatic every day


    Hey. I’m a big fan of formula one and this website. I’m located in Poland and coming here every day because it is the best place for f1 fanatics :)

    Big thanks and keep up the good work!

    I don’t do many commenting or posting on forums but I enjoy a lot reading other people’s comments.

    Keith Collantine

    You’re welcome DK, great to see such a large Polish contingent. Wonder if you guys will ever get a race of your own?

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