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    So are Bahraini’s fall under the “not set”? Certainly we had some traffic from them. Interesting how the site got better viewed from the UK, would that also include people with a UK proxy set to be able to get BBC’s UK only internet content?


    United Arab Emirates: 0.3

    I thank you. :)


    Any nothern english man here?


    Born in South Africa, moved to Leicester in England when I was 7 (1991), have lived there ever since.


    any new numbers keith?


    @fer-no65 We beat Finland too! :D And they have an F1 driver on the grid!

    Go Pilipinas!


    Now Finland has 2


    wow I honestly didn’t expect that many differnt nations to read this website :p Supprised that there are so many smaller nations having a biggish percentage, F1 Fanatic is on the up!

    Adam Tate

    It is incredible to see how many people read the sight. I am glad you are getting such international exposure Keith, you have earned it!

    I’m also quite pleasantly surprised that my fellow compatriots have made the U.S. number 2 among visitors!


    Time for an update on this – here’s where site visitors have come from over the past month (as %):

    A few points to note:

    *The largest single group, users from the UK, has fallen by almost 5%.
    *Finland has gone up a massive 30 places to fourth. Welcome back Kimi Raikkonen!

    United Kingdom 35.52
    United States 10.79
    Australia 5.02
    Finland 3.85
    Canada 2.91
    Germany 2.72
    Netherlands 1.9
    Spain 1.88
    India 1.85
    Italy 1.83
    Brazil 1.67
    Russia 1.6
    Poland 1.48
    Japan 1.47
    France 1.38
    (not set) 1.36
    Sweden 1.22
    Greece 1.17
    Malaysia 1.09
    Ireland 0.99
    Belgium 0.98
    Hungary 0.98
    South Africa 0.81
    Romania 0.76
    Singapore 0.7
    Portugal 0.68
    Croatia 0.63
    New Zealand 0.61
    Indonesia 0.61
    Slovenia 0.54
    Denmark 0.54
    Austria 0.47
    Mexico 0.45
    Czech Republic 0.44
    Switzerland 0.44
    Ukraine 0.44
    Philippines 0.43
    Bulgaria 0.41
    Turkey 0.4
    Argentina 0.4
    Slovakia 0.39
    Norway 0.37
    Taiwan 0.35
    Hong Kong 0.33
    Serbia 0.33
    Estonia 0.32
    China 0.26
    Latvia 0.26
    United Arab Emirates 0.25
    South Korea 0.19
    Lithuania 0.19
    Malta 0.18
    Thailand 0.17
    Bosnia and Herzegovina 0.14
    Macedonia [FYROM] 0.14
    Cyprus 0.14
    Venezuela 0.11
    Vietnam 0.11
    Pakistan 0.11
    Dominican Republic 0.09
    Colombia 0.09
    Belarus 0.08
    Lebanon 0.08
    Saudi Arabia 0.08
    Chile 0.07
    Egypt 0.07
    Jersey 0.07
    Israel 0.06
    Uruguay 0.06
    Luxembourg 0.06
    Jamaica 0.05
    Kenya 0.05
    Peru 0.05
    Sri Lanka 0.05
    Bahrain 0.05
    Moldova 0.05
    Trinidad and Tobago 0.05
    Isle of Man 0.04
    Albania 0.04
    Guernsey 0.04
    Jordan 0.04
    Montenegro 0.03
    Bangladesh 0.03
    Ecuador 0.03
    Botswana 0.03
    Qatar 0.03
    Gibraltar 0.03
    Morocco 0.03
    Iran 0.03
    Barbados 0.03
    Iceland 0.03
    Brunei 0.03
    Costa Rica 0.03
    Tunisia 0.02
    Uganda 0.02
    Macau 0.02
    Puerto Rico 0.02
    Kazakhstan 0.02
    Algeria 0.02
    Nigeria 0.02

    This is just the top 100. The following places each had a single visitor over the past month: Congo [DRC], Cape Verde, Faroe Islands, Saint Lucia, French Polynesia, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. So if you’re reading this in one of those places, you’re extra-special!


    I think it’s only right that Finland, over-represented in F1’s history in terms of both drivers and champions, punches its weight in terms of F1 Fanatic visitors too. I’m doing my bit to keep it high on the list – though I started coming here long before Räikkönen announced his comeback :)


    Latvia !! Yes! 0.26 :D that’s what I’m talking about. Latvians,where you at?


    Wow, fascinating figures Keith. Interesting to see that 10% of the traffic comes from the States, I imagine this will increase towards Austin. Is there any concern that the UK proportion has dropped, or is it just a reflection that you’re overall traffic has increased and widened?


    @bleeps-and_tweaks Not at all, this is just normal fluctuation in the figures. The UK proportion figure has been in the 33-39% range. Although I like to see the traffic go up, the breakdown between different regions doesn’t really matter.

    The reason I list the figures here is some people tend to make inaccurate assumptions about the site’s demography – there seems to be a minority that assume that a ‘.co.uk’ domain suffix means 99% of the site’s readership is from the UK.


    I really have to start to publicize F1F here in Portugal. A lot of F1 fans here have a good command of English and they don’t know what they have been missing!

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