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    Keith Collantine

    I’ve had a few questions about this recently so I thought I should share some data on it.

    As you’d expect, the readership of F1 Fanatic is largely composed of people from countries where English is the main language.

    Based on data from Google, here is a breakdown of F1 Fanatic visitors by region over the past month (%):

    United Kingdom 33.02

    United States 12.29

    Australia 6.33

    Canada 3.38

    Poland 2.84

    India 2.43

    Netherlands 2.23

    Spain 2.14

    Brazil 2.11

    Germany 1.98

    Italy 1.71

    France 1.51

    Singapore 1.5

    Greece 1.24

    Sweden 1.19

    Belgium 1.17

    Japan 1.15

    Ireland 1.13

    Malaysia 0.99

    Hungary 0.94

    Finland 0.74

    Portugal 0.7

    Croatia 0.67

    Russia 0.66

    Indonesia 0.63

    Romania 0.63

    New Zealand 0.63

    South Africa 0.62

    Philippines 0.6

    Denmark 0.6

    Bulgaria 0.57

    Czech Republic 0.56

    China 0.49

    Argentina 0.48

    Slovenia 0.44

    Turkey 0.44

    Hong Kong 0.42

    Mexico 0.42

    Switzerland 0.39

    Serbia 0.37

    Norway 0.36

    Ukraine 0.35

    Slovakia 0.34

    United Arab Emirates 0.32

    Estonia 0.3

    Malta 0.26

    Latvia 0.26

    Austria 0.26

    Unknown 0.79

    Other 4.4

    In total, people visited F1 Fanatic from 203 different countries. Here are the 17 that sent just one visitor last month: Northern Mariana Islands, Timor-Leste, Swazilan, Guinea-Bissau, Chad, Lesotho, Montserrat, Tajikistan, Burundi, Christmas Island, Burkina Faso, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Sierra Leone, French Guiana, Cape Verde, Kiribati and the Solomon Islands.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Yeah, Latvia!


    How bad should I feel that I had to Google ‘Lesotho’?

    Prisoner Monkeys

    What, that tiny little country of two million people landlocked by South Africa, the only country in the world to be entirely within the boundaires of another?


    Aside from San Marino, of course!


    I don’t know about everyone else, but I find this quite interesting!


    Singapore’s 13th on the list! Not bad at all!


    The Vatican too surely?

    Interesting to see the amount of Ferrari fans here when only 1.7% of visitors are from Italy itself and nearly a third are from the UK – I think it says a lot about our attitude to sport.


    That’s really quite surprising, I was expecting more from the UK (considering it is a .co.uk site), and less from the US.

    Ned Flanders

    Hey, my estimates weren’t that far off! https://www.racefans.net/forum/topic.php?id=273

    It’s incredible to see some of the countries on that list. In fact, it’d be easier to see which countries don’t make this list. I’m surprised South Korea isn’t anywhere on that list, that doesn’t bode well for the Grand Prix attendance. And presumably no one accessed the website from North Korea either- although if you’re reading this in Pyongyang right now, big kudos!!

    Ned Flanders

    roberttty- Remember this data is only from the past month, when Singapore has F1 fever. Presumably it would usually be much further down the list

    PS, looking at the list I’m also amazed how few readers there are from Austria. I thought Austrians like F1, especially since an Austrian team is doing so well. Although whether Red Bull receive any patriotic support is doubtful


    Poland being the first country after all the English-speaking ones is quite a surprise to me. So is the US being second, and Germany and Italy being rather far down. I suspect the Germans and Italians read their own sites, whilst the a large part of the Poles that visit this site live in the UK. They might also be the type of people who google articles on Kubica and vote for him in polls no matter what. I am quite positive that only a fraction of them actually posts regularly.

    Interesting stuff Keith – way to interrupt my essay-writing :).


    Incredible statistics,don’t even know where some of them countries even are.I thought no one lived in Montserrat anymore.

    It’s a bit suprising that Ireland’s 18th.I thought it would be much higher.

    Keith Collantine

    I was expecting more from the UK (considering it is a .co.uk site)

    A lot of people make that assumption.

    Fer no.65


    0.01 more and we’ll overtake the most populous state in the world :P

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