Where is this F1 heading?

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    No. Webber had updates to the car which Vettel didn’t have. Also, Hamilton had a 4 stopper because he isn’t as tyre conserving as Jenson.


    apart from all that dose any one think that hamilton and vettle get the best cars while jenson and webber seem to all ways finish be hind there team mate

    Simple answer to that. Hamilton and Vettel are better.


    George, Thanks for the links. Having read both of them, I am not convinced by his arguements. He refers to continued failures of Goodyears in the American series, what better incentive did Goodyear have to improve their product? Competition is the basis of the world and more so the better. I am damn sure that if there were two tyre companies competing in Formula 1 we would see better product performance.

    I just have to admit it seems that I am in a minority here, but I wonder how big that minority is. I think I am with Adrian Sutil here “It is a major step backwards”.


    We’l start to see more of the Pirelli tyres later though, their harder compounds and what not, so for a couple of races later on, il wager that it catches a couple of drivers/teams out about how far they can or cant go on them.


    sorry they aint better drivers u know mclaren(ron dennis) has his favorites he is still running things from head office martin witmarsh is just his puppet and MW commet last season ..not bad for nom 2 driver


    @bytorr2112 I think that’s quite a silly point, especially regarding Mclaren as we all saw today, and in China, that Mclaren let their drivers race fairly and evenly. Yeah, we all know what happened to Webber last year, but I don’t think that they were consciously favouring Vettel, more doing what was the best option with regards to the championship at that particular time, because (correct me if I’m wrong) Vettel was actually leading the championship at that time, if you’re referring to Silverstone last year. I believe that they just wanted to win the championship, they didn’t care who won it between their two drivers, and they did just that at Abu Dhabi.


    Just wanted to add to my earlier post, because I didn’t make it very clear: I vastly prefer this season over the past couple of seasons.

    Bridgestone did their job amazingly well, following the path they had chosen. But equally, Pirelli are doing what they have chosen to do very, very well indeed. And it’s definitely the latter that is giving us the better racing.

    I like that it’s making everyone, including the drivers, think more about what they’re doing. I think most of the drivers in the current field would be able to win the championship in this year’s RBR if they were still using Bridgestones and they could just floor it. On the Pirellis? Not so much. Just look at how much more Webber is struggling than Vettel in the same car, whereas last year they were more often than not separated by mere hundreds of a second.


    Even if a lot of the overtaking is because of DRS or a difference in tyre wear I much prefer that to drivers gaining positions from retirements or other off-track incidents more than overtaking..

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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