Where would you place the DRS zones?

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    Inspired by @magnificent-geoffrey comment earlier today I was wondering where YOU would put the DRS zone(s) at the different tracks for the 2013 season? Assuming of cause that you have to place at least one at each circuit.

    Personally I would do something like this:
    Melbourne: 2 zones, T10 – T11 and T16 – T1. The first one would close the cars up, and ideally allow for very few pretty hairy overtakes, and the main straight would then prove the overtaking spot.

    Kuala Lumpur: 2 short zones, T3 – T4 and T8 – T9. The main straights seem to provide sufficient overtaking by it self I think but two short zones could allow for a little more overtaking in those places without making it feel easy. And allow cars with a shorter gearing to make use of the DRS as well.

    Shanghai: 1 zone down the main straight. The back straight makes overtaking easy enough as it is, but a little more opportunities down the main straight would be good.

    Sakhir: 3 zones (yep!) T3 – T4, T10 – T11 and T13 – T14 which should hopefully lead to more close racing and allow drivers to overtake properly down the main straight.

    Catalunya: 2 zones, T9 – T10 and T16 – T1.

    Monte Carlo: 1 zone T19 – T1. I can’t see any other suitable place for the DRS.

    Montréal: 2 zones, T7 – T8 and T9 – T10. The rest of the track provides overtaking. Those two short bursts might even be too much.

    New York: I don’t really know yet…

    Silverstone: 1 zone, T14 – T15.

    Germany: We still don’t know whether its Hockenheim or ‘the ring’ and I can’t be bothered to do both…

    Budapest: 2 zones, T3 – T4 and T10 – T11. Short bursts for maximum acceleration and some slight and rare opportunities.

    Spa: 1 zone, T19 – T1, but another interesting zone would be out of T16 all the way into T19, while most drivers would of cause have to switch it off through Blanchimont before reopening it for a short burst before the braking zone. It think that would force the drivers to use their brain and skill when they use the DRS. But it probably won’t be allowed on safety grounds.

    Monza: 1 zone, T5 – T7.

    Singapore: 2 zones, T5 – T7 and T23 – T1.

    Yeongam: 2 zones, T3 – T4 and T18 – T1.

    Suzuka: 1 zone, T14 – T15. The main straight could use one as well, but I think this would be sufficient to provide overtaking without making it a massacre.

    New Delhi: same as this year really.

    Yas Marina: Again, same.

    Austin: Again, same.

    São Paulo: 1 zone, T5 – T6. The rest is overtaking friendly enough, but a little more overtakes, or at least opportunities up that hill could be excellent.

    What is your ideal DRS placement?


    Where the sun never shines…


    So in the pit exit tunnel in Abu Dhabi then? : )


    Melbourne: T16-T1, T2-T3, T12-T13
    Sepang: T15-T1, T2-T4
    Shanghai: T16-T1, T3-T6
    Sakhir: T13-T1, T3-T4, T13-T14
    Catalunya: T16-T1, T9-T10
    Canada: T14-T1, T7-T8, T9-10
    Valencia: T13-T2, T10-T12, T14-T17
    Silverstone: T5-T6, T7-T9, T14-T15
    Hockenheim: T1-T2, T4-T6
    Hungaroring: T14-T1
    Spa: T4-T5, T15-T18
    Monza: T12-T1, T7-T9, T11-T12
    Singapore: T23-T1, T5-T7, T13-T14
    Suzuka: T18-T1, T11-T13
    Yeongam: T18-T1, T2-T3, T3-T4
    Buddh: T16-T1, T3-T4, T4-T5
    Abu Dhabi: T7-T8, T9-T11
    Austin: T20-T1, T9-T11, T11-T12
    Interlagos: T14-T1, T3-T4

    I use mainly the big and middle straight lengths. In Monaco I use no DRS because there is not a good point to use it, so it’s better for someone to keep up behind someone else because of his pace and not DRS.


    @mads No, everybody complains that DRS is too artificial, so I want to make it more organic.


    Oh my… : S haha


    Albert Park
    Turn 12 to 13, or Waite and Ascari.
    Turn 14 to 15, the back straight.
    The pits straight.
    Turns 13 to 14. Turn 3 to 4.
    Half the pit straight. Campsa to La Caixa.
    All of it. Seriously. All of it.
    Gilles Villeneuve
    From turn 9 to L’epingle.
    Back straight. It worked fine.
    Beckets to Copse.
    Turn 1 to 2.
    Pits straight
    Blanchimont to Bus Stop. Bus Stop to La Source.
    Lesmo 2 to Ascari Chicane.
    Turn 5 to 7. Turn 13 to 14.
    From 130 R to Chicane. Main straight.
    Pit straight. Turns 3 to 4.
    Back straight.
    Yas Marina
    Back straight
    Reta Oposta straight.



    All of it. Seriously. All of it.

    And even that would hardly be enough, but at least it would make for some close duels more often, a bit like what we saw in 2011 between the first 3 until the red flag.

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