Which competing champion most deserves another title?

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    Well we have 5 WDCs competing now, down from 6 last year. So who do you think deserves another WDC the most? The drivers are listed alphabetically.

    1. Alonso winning his 3rd WDC
    2. Button winning his 2nd WDC
    3. Hamilton winning his 2nd WDC
    4. Raikonnen winning his 2nd WDC
    5. Vettel winning his 4th consecutive WDC

    My personal choices would be:

    – Hamilton
    – Alonso/Raikonnen
    – Vettel
    – Button

    Alex Russell

    Which ever driver has the best season is the one that ‘deserves’ a championship. That said, I’d love to see Räikkönen win another but I don’t see it happening whilst he drives for Lotus.

    Jon Sandor

    Considering the way the FIA and Pirelli colluded with Mercedes in their illegal tyre test, a win for Hamilton this year would certainly not seem “deserved”. At the start of the season I’d have been pleased to see him win. Now, it will seem like a travesty.

    His being obviously favored by Brawn over Rosberg also detracts from his “deservedness”.


    Considering the way the FIA and Pirelli colluded with Mercedes in their illegal tyre test

    Didn’t Pirelli ask Red Bull to help them test? And didn’t Red Bull turn them down? You’re reading malice where none exists.

    His being obviously favored by Brawn over Rosberg also detracts from his “deservedness”.

    Mercedes have shown absolutely no evidence of favouring one driver over another, unlike a certain Scuderia I won’t mention…


    I think it’d have to be Alonso, considering he’s come so close in three out of the six years since he last won it.


    For me Vettel deserves it the most, purely based on this year so far. He’s been driving like Alonso did in 2012, maybe even better. No mistakes so far really, were as Alonso has done some small mistakes. Raikkonen has been off the pace at times, and Hamilton hasn’t been as great as he can be (still need to adapt to his car).


    There is plenty of drivers that deserve a world title but the one name at the top of the list has got to be Fernando Alonso. I’d feel like crying if he missed out again.


    It has to be Alonso for me, I think he and Vettel are pretty similar in terms of ability and work ethic, but Vettel has 3 championships already…

    Hamilton and Raikkonen for me are pure drivers, I think they’re just as happy winning races as they are winning championships. They’re not really the kind of drivers to carry teams on their shoulders so I would rank them equal 3rd after the two above. Button is lucky to have one.


    I think Raikonnen has a better chance this year or next year especially since he’s an obvious #1 at Lotus.

    @George I wouldn’t say that they are just as happy winning races as WDCs. When their teams are not capable of not contending for the WDC then winning races is the most any driver can do especially Hamilton whose victories at Hungary and Austin were absolutely incredible displaying race pace that RBesque.

    If you mean that they may risk points to get a win at a race, then you’re probably right although they both seem to be very mature in 2012 and 2013.

    Alonso is the most methodical especially at this point of his career where he just wants WDCs. He wouldn’t mind being P4 though the whole season if that meant winning the WDC and for me that’s the biggest gripe I have of Alonso.

    Jon Sandor

    Mercedes have shown absolutely no evidence of favouring one driver over another

    If you don’t count the time they ordered Rosberg to stay behind Hamilton, or some very odd strategy calls where Nico was concerned, or their decision to install different brakes on LH’s car, then absolutely, there is no evidence of their favoring one driver over the other.


    @jonsan – Isn’t NR still running his own brakes from before?


    Ranking from most overdue to least due:

    1. Fernando Alonso winning his 3rd WDC.
    2. Lewis Hamilton winning his 2nd WDC.
    3. Kimi Raikkonen winning his 2nd WDC.
    4. Sebastian Vettel winning his 4th WDC.
    5. Jenson Button winning his 2nd WDC.


    I’d say Fernando deserves another one (career-wise), but then again, it also feels kind of wrong if Lewis retires with just 1 WDC to their name. But based on performance this year, Sebastian is definitely deserving his 4th. It’s a hard world out there…


    All of the 4 best drivers on the grid deserve more WDC’s, though i will be very saddened if LH wins it this year. All of Merc’s achievements this year will have been tainted, in my opinion…its like 2009 all over again….

    Lucas Wilson

    Alonso should have won last year, I (and I think many people) will remember his amazing drives in 2012 for many years to come.

    Although world championships don’t mean that you are worse or better than someone. Nigel Mansell only has 1 WDC, but many hold him as one of the greatest drivers of all time. Schumacher has 7 world championships and Senna had 3, but does that make Shumacher a better driver?

    Its all relative… :-)

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