Which competing champion most deserves another title?

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    Jon Sandor

    A lot of F1 fans talk about what’s “deserved”, and the whole concept is deeply flawed. Deserved has nothing to do with it. In all sports the rewards are distributed unequally – tiny differences in skill, ability, luck etc translate into large differences in outcomes.

    Trulli won a single race in his long F1 career. Is LH really 21 times better a driver then Trulli? Is SV 30 times better? Is FA 32 times better? Of course not. In truth they’re probably a just a few percent better than he was. But those few percent make all the difference.

    Jon Sandor

    “his frustration is pretty much borne from the fact that he believes, given equal equipment, that he could probably beat any driver on the grid in a straight fight.”

    Every good driver is going to believe that about himself. It’s a desirable trait, up to a point. If it causes a driver to publicly lash out at his team as not being good enough for him, it’s gone beyond that point.


    @fastiesty I’m sure it’d be close, but so far his duel with Rosberg is even, in my opinion. Rosberg has had a below-average car for the whole of his career but he isn’t complaining. Lewis can sa what he wants about how good he is and how bad the others are and how unlucky he has been, but that attitude won’t make him any nicer to me.
    @freelittlebirds what he’s saying is right, he’s got the facts right. But he acts like the victim, like if he was perfect. I’m sure his results would be better with a better car, but again, 21 drivers this year won’t win the title and he must acknowledge he is not the only one to suffer of Red Bull’s domination. Again, I haven’t heard other drivers go so far, and although he might have a point, his approach hasn’t made him more pleasant to my eyes.


    @Fixy I think Hamilton is as humble as he can be and I’ve never seen him say he is perfect. I’ve seen him own up to making mistakes as he did in an interview with Brundle on Sky and I’ve seen him give credit to other drivers all the time, more so than anyone else. He recently said that he respects Vettel more and more with time and ultimately Vettel has to deliver to win regardless of the car that he has.

    That’s the sign of someone who’s very confident in his own abilities and comfortable in his skin.

    He also speaks nicely of Rosberg and in all honesty I think he was trying to be friendly with Jenson at McLaren but Jenson was too afraid to open up, most likely because of his insecurities. Ultimately that hurt both Hamilton, Jenson and McLaren.

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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