Which driver will finish ahead in the championship: Gasly or Albon?

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    With Alexander Albon and Pierre Gasly swapping seats for the rest of the season, which will end up ahead in the drivers’ championship?

    Gasly racked up 63 points over 12 races in his Red Bull, while Albon managed 16 at Toro Rosso. There’s only nine races left, but Red Bull are more competitive now than they were at the beginning of the season.

    Red Bull are clearly hoping Albon will do more with his RB15 than Gasly did. Do you think he’ll come out ahead?

    Ben Needham

    That’s a good question. The Red Bull-Honda seems fairly reliable, so let’s assume Albon finishes 6th in every remaining race (which is surely the minimum expectation from Red Bull). That would give him 88 points by the end of the season, meaning Gasly needs 25 to match him. This is doable, but would need a very good performance.

    I think on balance, Albon should beat him, given that when someone drops out in front of Albon he’ll gain more points per position from 6th than Gasly would from, say, 12th in his Toro Rosso.


    I’m prety sure Albon will end up ahead. A couple of podiums and he’s there …




    Albon as after Monza a couple of Red Bull strong circuit are coming So podium could be there. Mexico even higher maybe a win.

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