Which driver would you like to see win the next 4 races?

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    Younger Hamii

    Hey guys, I did a similar topic to this one for the remaining 3 races of the 2011 season & it got a very good reception so since this 2012 season so far has been so unpredictable, I thought let me do another one of these multiple choice topics. So we’ve got Bahrain, obviously Vettel starts on pole. Spain, well the teams have been closer than ever on raw performance so whoever is on pole or on the front row is certain for a good race. Monaco, same story but as we’ve seen in the past, the glamorous, prestigious race has never ever been considered dull which represents a slight resemblance of Canada, so much action & drama the race can argubly be unquestioned. Anyway leave your comments below. Cheers.


    Raikkonen, Schumacher, Perez and Kobayashi.

    Being realistic however (Perez and Kobayashi probably not realistic), I’d like to see four different winners not including those who have already won. The four drivers who have the best chance of winning, who haven’t already won would be Hamilton, Vettel, Webber and Schumacher. I also think Raikkonen and Grosjean could possibly win if thing fall their way.


    Isn’t this just basically “who are your four favourite drivers?” That’s how it feels, anyway. I’m also wondering why you chose four.


    Maldonado, Senna, Grosjean and Di Resta
    none of them will but if they were too then the races would be very entertaining for them to win


    I’d like it to carry on with different winners. I don’t mind Vettel winning as long as he has to fight for it (so no disappearing off from pole for him tomorrow), and I’d like to see Hamilton and Webber get one, maybe a repeat of Webbo’s mega Monaco win, and Rosberg bag another to prove it wasn’t a one-off. So it’s…
    Bahrain – Hamilton
    Spain – Vettel
    Monaco – Webber
    Canada – Rosberg


    I’d like to see Button, Hamilton, Webber, Vettel, and Rosberg exchange wins and fight for the championship. Button and Rosberg have already won, so they don’t need another win for some time. Hamilton needs a win, but also a retirement to keep the championship alive. I want Webber as a championship contender too, as it is probably his last season. I don’t mind Vettel winning as long as he doesn’t win too often, and has to fight for his victories. Also, I would definitely like to see Schumacher winning a few. Also, maybe a couple of underdog surprise wins? Lastly, I’m loving every bit of the sight of Ferrari struggling.

    So for me it’s;
    Bahrain – Hamilton
    Spain – Webber or Vettel
    Monaco – Schumacher or Rosberg
    Canada – An underdog surprise. Raikkonen? Grosjean? Senna?


    Webber Bahrain
    Raikkonen Spain
    Schumacher Monaco
    Kobayashi Canada, loved how he was kissing the wall with his right rear last year!!


    Bahrain – Vettel (since hes on pole anyway)
    Spain – Alonso
    Monaco – Raikkonnen
    Canada – Hamilton

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