Which F1 personalities are always worth listening to?

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    Jacques Villeneuve and Nico Rosberg have had a lot of criticism lately for their various headline-grabbing comments about Formula 1.

    This got me wondering – which drivers (past or present), team members or other Formula 1 figures do you think give really valuable insights into the sport? Is there anyone who stands out in your mind as always being worth listening to?

    Ben Needham

    In terms of people still working in the sport and offering opinions regularly, I’ve always been a big fan of David Coulthard. He doesn’t have an overinflated view of his abilities from his career and his opinions are normally on the money. I find myself agreeing with him more often that not and his episode on the ‘Beyond the Grid’ podcast was probably the best there’s been so far.

    Aside from that, Martin Brundle is normally pretty decent but I have found myself not as keen in recent years.


    Agree about Coulthard, he has good analysis and is quite neutral which makes what he is saying interesting and a nice addition. Was nice to have him on commentary for wseries.

    Other two I like very much are Webber and Button. They say what they think and have nothing to prove. Usually have nice added value or good comments to listen to.
    Those three are definitely the ones who will get most of my attention.

    Usually like the guys on the skypad as well, di Resta and Davidsson have performed nicely there with some good analysis without relating too much to personal precedents.

    Brundle had some nice bits but lost in too much babbling of the sky team in general. Don’t get my attention anymore.


    Sorrowfully, my pick passed away recently. RIP Niki.

    Jackies also, I suppose. (Stewart, Ickx, and Oliver)


    Yeah the Scots Coulthard and De Resta are interesting. Rosberg’s stockholm syndrome is painful to listen to, and Villeneuve shit-stirring is not even interesting. Always liked Brundle too, although playing it safe lately. Outside insiders, Renken was always good even before he joined here. (I’ll have the season pass now please.. ;)). Best treat is when Newey is interviewed, but that’s rare.


    Pat Symonds and Ross Brawn always talk sense, if I hear that they have been interviewed I always make a point to search out what they have said.

    Karun Chandhok is a great pundit, he’s just the right mix of excited fan and former racing driver. Brundle continues to be excellent too.

    The TV crews tend to give Wolff, Binotto and Horner the most airtime, but I really like hearing from Otmar Szafnauer and Fred Vassuer as they again always come across as solid racers.

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