Which Formula 1 driver would you like to be?

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    If you could transform yourself into any of the drivers from this or past years, which would you like to be? However don’t just take into account that they are winning lots of races and that they are a good performer, but also their attiutde towards racing and whether they are genuine and have a good personality.
    I would transform into Kovailienen because I think he is one of the nicest drivers on the grid and never really directly causes trouble for others if he ever does. He is currently situated down the back of the grid when he really deserves to be in a better place but because he is genuinely kind he has persisted on helping Caterham move foward up the grid when he could have driven somewhere a bit better.


    I saw the title and knew exactly what I was going to put.

    Mario Andretti.

    Formula One world champion, multiple IndyCar champion. Indianapolis 500 winner, Daytona 500 winner. And a lot more besides.

    He raced for Ferrari in the Enzo Ferrari era, and put the car on pole position the first time he drove for them.

    He raced for Lotus in the Colin Chapman era, and helped them to their final world championship.

    Then I read the “on this year’s grid” caveat. And now I’m stumped, because there’s no-one on the grid today who even comes close to demonstrating Andretti’s versatility and speed.


    @keithcollantine Just changed the topic intro, Andretti is a great choice, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that.


    @formula-1 Oh good – now I don’t have to think of another one!


    I would be Michael Schumacher. He seems very happy and content with himself and is also a amazing driver.


    Easy pick for me, I’d go for a driver who started out at a time when driver’s were able to live a bit before entering professional racing and during their careers too. He was the darling of Monaco and epitomised the glamour and thrills of the 60’s. From what I’ve read and seen he had a loving family and an incredible career. But with hindsight I’d wait a day or so before leaving Circuit Paul Ricard on what was a foggy day back in the UK in 1975. That way I’d be able to see my son win his own WDC in 1996 and also see my grandson race too.

    Fer no.65

    From current drivers: Jenson Button. World Champion, seems to be a very good bloke, drives for McLaren, and followed the hard way till his “lucky” champ year. And dates Jessica…

    From the past, I don’t know. There are many I’d love to be… Ickx for instance, great late-60’s F1 and proper Le Mans with Ferrari, Ford and Porsche. Or Hunt, a world champ playboy… or Gilles. Or Cevert: good looking, talented, teamed up with sir Jackie… but I’d be careful not to crash at the USA.


    I would like to lobby for either Hunt, Senna or Villleneuve as I feel they’re stories are spectacular. Also, in that regard Fangio who worked like a slave for years and won for many constructors. But ultimately I have chosen Jimmy Clark. Maybe not the playboy or have a particularly interesting backing story but just a guy who loved to race, couldn’t understand why he was so brilliant and therefore was incredibly modest and likeable. There will never be another like him. Not only that he did it with his friend, Colin Chapman. A true hero.


    @keithcollantine could you link this forum in the round-up please? I would love to see everyones views on this subject


    Who I’d want to be: Felipe Massa. Almost tragic story, my favorite personality by far, mentored by Michael freaking Schumacher, teamed with 3 consecutive high/god tier champions (including Schumacher!), almost becoming a champion himself (and he should’ve). Also racing in the current era, which imo is much better than the previous ones. I’d also get to drive the F2008 for a bit!
    Who I’d probably be: Ironically, Felipe Massa. He pretty much acts exactly the same way I do. Also seems to have confidence issues and has his trademark T-up sign in almost every photo, much like me. He’s also nice. Ungodly nice.

    Close second/third: Michael Schumacher, Mika Häkkinen.

    I don’t know, the past era drivers don’t really seem to interest me at all. (with some minor exceptions, of course: D. Hill (despise on the track, love off the track), Prost, Stewart, Clark, all of which I highly admire.)

    I also highly dislike the “Winning is everything, nothing else matters” mentality.

    Question for the OP: Could we change history by doing this?


    He’s not strictly from “past years”, but your original post did specify it had to be from the current driver line-up, so I’m going to assume either is acceptable and say Valtteri Bottas. Pretty much every driver named in this thread so far achieved things a long time ago and will never turn the wheel of a Formula 1 car in anger again. Indeed, many of them are dead. Who wants to be dead? I would want to be someone with a great F1 future ahead of them, someone who can still define their own destiny rather than have it done and dusted, someone who can still get the thrill of racing in the sport. Bottas is young, clearly quick, and Finnish (I’m half-Finnish), so he’s my choice :)


    Sorry, it is meant to be past and present.


    This question and dreams lived with me for a long time. As a small kids, all boys from the block we wanted to be “Mikylauda”. We hardly knew, who he was, we heard something-like from adults, but all we were sure, he was the coolest and fastest guy on the Earth. Niky Lauda was synonym for racing driver behind iron curtain in early eighties, today I haven’t the slightest idea, why just he.
    Later about half of eighties, when leafing “World of Motors” magazine, which brought twice a year with half of the year delay some photos and “news” from F1 races, I liked most McLaren red-white Marlboro livery and “I decided that I must to be a McLaren fun”. In second half of eighties there were couple of races even on TV, I read sport newspapars with fresh reports and I loved Senna (and had to hate Prost and Ferrari as a good ultra fun).
    During unhappy 1994 I was already on college, Senna’s end and many other new interests blew me totaly out of F1 for some years. When I came back, McLarens weren’t red-white but silver. Because I recalled that I was ultra I have been staying to support McLaren. ;-)
    I cant write I want to be Senna and it is not only because of his death. He seems to me today not so sweet and pure (as a man) like in past. Today I would write Jenson Button. Calm power, long not easy way up, title, and of course pretty good girl and McLaren. :-)


    Out of the current drivers it has to be Nico Rosberg because I have just won my first race, I have lots of potential to win more plus I live in Monaco and to be honest its not hard for Nico get girls is it with the way he looks.

    Out of all time drivers I would be Alain Prost, a 4 time champion in one of the sports most competitive era’s and a very calculated and clever driver who always thought about the next step but still had the speed to win.


    I’d say I want to be Vettel, actually. I have accomplished a lot at young age, and I drive a Newey-car. Also, I’m already a 2-time champion and what, 25 years old? Although I wouldn’t mind being Hamilton or Rosberg either.

    Out of all time drivers I would be Alain Prost, a 4 time champion in one of the sports most competitive era’s and a very calculated and clever driver who always thought about the next step but still had the speed to win.

    You’d really want that nose?

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