Which Grands Prix do you most want to visit?

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    Attending a Grand Prix is simply a must for any F1 fanatic. You cannot say you’ve experienced F1 properly until you’ve been to a race and taken in the awesome sights, speed, sound and smells. But some Grands Prix are better for spectators than others, whilst some are appealing just because of the location.

    So which race(s) do you want to attend before you die? Monaco? Silverstone? Montreal? And which could you just not be bothered with at all? Make a list and share your opinions on the events, what you think they’d be like and why.

    Personally, I want to visit Monaco because it’s Monaco, Montreal because apparently it’s a real party atmosphere, Singapore because it’s close-ish to where I live, Sepang for the same reason as Singapore (plus it’s very cheap!), Spa because it looks amazing and the vantage points look amazing, and Monza because it’s so pretty and I imagine the atmosphere would be unimaginable (that’s a Murray quote, right?).



    The great ones obviously. Spa, Monza, Silverstone would be great, but probably Monaco because not only is it a historic race, but more so because of the part of the world it’s in, all of the famous people that usually show up to watch, as well as the chance to look out across the harbor and see all of the ridiculously expensive yachts!

    Of course, i’ll probably never have the chance to travel the world and see any of those races, so i’ll be happy just so long as the Austin GP goes ahead, cause damn it I’M GOING!


    Monaco and Spa


    Silverstone, Montreal and Spa, definitely.

    Monaco kind of fails to appeal to me. It’s a track that I don’t like and the glamour and whatnot is just too much for me.

    Oddly enough, I greatly prefer Marina Bay (Singapore) over Monaco. Hardest track + night race + all the recent memories put it way above anything Monaco could offer. I think I’d go as far as to say that it’s my favorite track on the calendar right now, probably tied with Spa.

    Hungaroring is (sadly) my closest bet though.


    I’m in a very fortunate position whereby I live in the UK so pretty much half of the circuits are pretty much outside my back door. So far I’ve done Silverstone and Monza with Spa coming up later this year. I consider those 3 plus probably Monaco the jewels of the crown but I would love to visit a couple more fly away races. I’m really keen to get to New Jersey next year and will try and sort that out at some point.

    Brazil is a must too, that just looks incredible for the atmosphere.


    All of them !!!!

    Been a TV fan for years but only a “touring” fan for the last couple. I’ve done Silverstone and Spa (twice), and booked for Monza this year.

    I’d toyed with the idea of doing Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur in one trip this year as they were back to back, but it didn’t materialise sadly. If I had to make of preference though, it would likely be: Monaco, Canada and Brazil. Going to definitely try and do a different European one each year from now on though……as well as Silverstone of course. You CANNOT beat the atmosphere and British-ness of it……and the catering facilities are brilliant :-)


    I’d do Silverstone priority, then this year Id do Canada, Germany/Hungary back to back, Italy, Japan & India, USA that way I’d be able to see all races this year, admittedly it would cost considerably more than a sky subscription but oh well it would be worth it.


    I’ve been to Silverstone, Hungaroring (x3), Nurburgring and Hockenheim.
    Would love to go to Spa, Montreal, Melbourne and Monaco…. I also like the idea of Singapore, for the spectacle of the night race and Japan / Brazil would both be amazing for the legendary tracks and crowds.

    The only one’s I wouldn’t want to see are China, Bahrain, Malaysia (no crowds = no atmosphere), Spain / Valencia (both fairly boring tracks + full of Spanish fans)….

    From the 4 I’ve been to so far, my favourite is probably Hungary – great party in the campsites, and the natural bowl means you can see so much of the circuit even with GA.


    @Pamphlet – Hungaroring being your closest bet is only ever a GREAT thing!


    Monaco and Monza are the gratest ! :)
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    @infernojim — Sepang actually draws in massive crowds. Sure, that grandstand on the pit straight may not be completely full, but you have to take into account the fact that alone, that grandstand (both sides) would hold more people than all of the grandstands combined in somewhere like Melbourne or Montreal. And then there’s the grandstand on the outside of turn 1, which is always full, and another one on the entry to turn 6 that also appears to be quite full during the races. Add in the huge general admission crowds on the hills and you’ve got a pretty decent turnout.

    I think the size of the facility makes it look sparsely populated when in fact, it probably has one of the biggest audiences of the year.

    Force Maikel

    Spa no doubt about it! I am Belgian myself so going there one time in my lifespan is mandatory. The only thing stopping me from going this year are the high prices. It would be like a dream come true the see the cars fly trough Eau Rouge.

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