Which of F1's non-champions had the best cars in their careers?

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    We often talk about who are the great drivers who never got their hands on a championship-winning car.

    But what if we flip the question around – which drivers never managed to bag a title despite driving several title-winning machines? And was it their ability, luck or something else which kept them from success?


    Interesting topic. From the top of my head most of the somewhat number twos of the past few decades:
    – Gerhard Berger. Had a very successful career, but was never in a proper title fight. Had no chance to beat teammate Senna in 1990 and 1991, and joined Benetton with title hopes in 1996 just when their form took a dive, the team going from WDC and WCC in 1995 to a winless campaign in 1996.
    – David Coulthard had a chance with both Williams and McLaren. Closest chances were probably 1999 (when he usually did everything to sabotage Häkkinen’s races while losing to Irvine) and 2001 (but could not stop Schumacher).
    – Rubens Barrichello. Of course, Rubens wasn’t allowed to win while Michael was the number one, but had a chance with Brawn as well.
    – Mark Webber. Again, without Vettel, might be a champ.

    John P Wiederecht

    1. Barichello
    2. Webber
    3. Bottas

    Those are the only guys I can think of to drive alot of championship caliber cars with no WDCs.


    The first that jumps to mind is Riccardo Patrese. Also Ronnie Peterson, after the excellent film which Top Gear did recently on the Lotus 79.


    Stirling moss is the 1st name that comes to mind having driven several cars worthy of the title. Then of course there’s Bottas driving 3 seasons with Mercedes, Coulthard in the Mclaren, Berger. Returning to the 50s peter collins has to be up there too.


    Sadly, Ronnie might have in ’78…….. ;(

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