Which ten F1 races do you want live on the BBC in 2013?


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    Now the 2013 F1 calendar has been confirmed, most UK viewers will be waiting to find out which races will be live on free-to-air television and which will be Sky-only.

    Here’s a list of which races were live on the BBC this year:

    BBC reveal free-to-air live F1 races for 2012

    Which ten races do you want on BBC in 2013?

    I’d go with: Australia, Monaco, Canada, New Jersey, Britain, Belgium, Italy, Japan, United States and Brazil.

    James Brickles

    All of them ;) But I suppose that’s wishful thinking.

    I’d agree with most of your list but I’d have Singapore rather than New Jersey.


    I’d go with Australia, Abu Dhabi, USA and Brazil (the first as opener, the last three as decisive races), Japan (for its tradition) and the following european races: Monaco, GB, Belgium Monza. And New Jersey for its novelty.


    Brazil, Monaco and GB are no-brainers really. I’d go with Canada, US East and US West, Belgium, Italy, Singapore and I guess the opener in Australia. Japan just misses out unfortuantely, although it can easily replace one of the others. I guess Canada or New Jersey would be the most likely to be dropped…


    with COTA 2nd last next year and premièring this year my money is on it being dropped in favour of Jersey..


    Is it not likely that the races next year will simply follow:

    Sky, BBC, Sky, BBC, Sky etc etc.

    I thought the reason for the races not following that pattern this year was partly due to the BBC’s European championship coverage?

    From a personal POV however I’d like:

    Australia, Malaysia, China, Canada, GB, Belgium, Korea, Japan, USA, Brazil.


    I’m not from the UK, but I’d go with:


    Younger Hamii

    I suppose looking at BBC’s options this season, it’s mainly determined by costs and expenses in terms of equipment, travel and other resources.

    Although this topic is requesting for our personal preferences so:

    1. Australia
    2. China
    3. Monaco
    4. Canada
    5. Silverstone
    6. Spa
    7. Monza
    8. Japan
    9. Austin
    10. Brazil

    I’ve tried to implement choices that are of thought about travel expenses, races that are likely to provide excitement obviously and the amount of potential back-to-back races in terms of streaming live. (E.g Monaco-Canada and Spa-Monza)

    Master firelee

    New Jersey
    United States

    I’m thinking here about how the timeline would work because many people wont want to have to stay up all night to watch the grand prix’ in america.


    @brickles nailed it in one, of course.

    Failing that: Belgium, Japan, Canada, Britain, Germany, Malaysia, China, Brazil and I am waiting to make final judgement on India and CotA. If neither of those impress (India looked ok last year), probably Australia and Bahrain.

    I hate street circuits (in F1). I can certainly appreciate the challenge for the drivers, but if they want that challenge, as far as my perception of those races is concerned they might as well turn street circuit races into WRC style time trial events.


    1 Australian Grand Prix
    7 Canadian Grand Prix
    9 British Grand Prix
    10 German Grand Prix
    12 Belgian Grand Prix
    13 Italian Grand Prix
    14 Singapore Grand Prix
    15 Japanese Grand Prix
    19 United States Grand Prix
    20 Brazilian Grand Prix


    1 Australia
    3 China
    6 Monaco
    7 Canada
    8 New Jersey
    9 Britain
    12 Belgium
    16 Japan
    19 United States
    20 Brazil

    Having said that, am I right in saying that the BBC aren’t allowed broadcast 3 live races in a row? Can’t remember where I heard that though


    Hi all,

    I am an Aussie so don’t have the frustration of the free to air TV vs pay per view. Here in Australia we have all races live (or pretty close to) but its a bit different to viewing in the Mother Country (It seems that the majority of F1 Fanatic fans are from the UK but for those who are not the “Mother Country” is a affectionate term to our friends in the UK).

    I am stocked that most people named Australia as the first race on their list- just wondering what we do down under that the F1 fans are happy about?? Comments appreciated.

    For most Europeans I assume its F1 time is after a Sunday lunch with a few Largers. Here in Oz our F! starts at 9pm (for Europe races) with a 930pm start and most races finish at around 1100 to 1130pm (Singapore maybe later LOL).

    It can be hard work for a Sunday night (we have family dinners Sunday night with a few beers) but F1 in Oz is a fairly un-social viewing as all my mates that watch are home for work Monday. I am just wondering if most subscribers watch F1 with mates or family as here a lot watch but as its late night we all talk about it on Monday after a late night.



    Can’t improve on your original 10. India would be nice too but I wouldn’t want to drop any of those. BBC have made a mess of the end of this season – Monza and USA should be live, possibly Suzuka and definitely not Abu fecking Dhabi.


    The exact same as you Keith, unfortunately that would make 4 in a row and I don’t see that happening.

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