Who do you think will be the next new winner?

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    It’s always good to see a driver take his first win! But who do you think will be the next driver to take their maiden success?

    If the Red Bull, or more precisely, the Renault engine, prove to be half-decent could it be Daniil Kvyat?

    However I’m going for Valteri Bottas … but it will be in 2016, driving a Ferrari!

    Any thoughts?

    Adam Blocker

    Bottas will win in 2015 with Williams, probably at a circuit like Monza, Red Bull Ring, or Montreal.
    I don’t think Kvyat will ever win a race (he will be dominated by Ricciardo).


    my guess is Bottas… or maybe Grosjean with a bit if luck


    I think Kvyat and Ricciardo will be closely matched, @blockwall2. What’s more, I expect Kvyat to be slightly ahead come the end of the year. I remember some STR guy saying that while he found Ricciardo to be very good when they’ve worked together, Kvyat seemed to be on another level.

    Having said that, I also think Valtteri Bottas will be the next new winner (in 2015 so in a Williams), but it’s definitely between him and Kvyat with more or less equal chances.


    I think that Bottas will be a winner before the end of the season, and if the right set of circumstances i.e. dramatic race/ brave tyre choice etc. occur Kvyat and Grosjean will get the chance as well.

    However I am curious to see what happens to Verstappen, as if he is as good as some of the rumors say he is then he is something truly special. Don’t think he will have the car underneath him to win but might get a few podiums though


    Depending on their cars’ performance, I’m inclined to go with Bottas or Grosjean, as both driver have had some pretty inspiring drives (Grosjean in 2013, Bottas in 2014) and could very well win this season. Kvyat I’m not too sure of, Ricciardo surprised me in winning in his first season for Red Bull, but he had more experience than Kvyat has now, plus Mercedes’ unreliability and intra-team battle had a part in Ricciardo’s wins in 2014. Looking at the mileage done by the new Mercedes and the team battle after Spa, I think that window might be smaller in 2015.

    I had really hoped to include Hulkenberg in this list, but with the way things are going at Force India, that’s increasingly unlikely.


    I fear Hulkenberg might be past his best chance – a wasted talent, possibly. He would have been my choice for the past years, but now I have to say Bottas. I hope Grosjean also gets a breakthrough win soon.

    Master firelee

    Grosjean or Bottas would be great.

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