Who should the remaining seats for the 2014 season go to and why?

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    Tyler Ferre

    The confirmed 2014 drivers so far are:
    Red Bull – Sebastian Vettel & Daniel Ricciardo
    Mercedes – Lewis Hamilton & Nico Rosberg
    Ferrari – Fernando Alonso & Kimi Raikkonen
    McLaren – Jenson Button & Kevin Magnussen
    Williams – Felipe Massa & Valtteri Bottas
    Toro Rosso – Jean-Eric Vergne & Daniil Kvyat
    Marussia – Jules Bianchi

    This leaves nine places remaining, the likely candidates for the remaining seats are:
    – Romain Grosjean
    – Nico Hulkenberg
    – Pastor Maldonado
    – Esteban Gutierrez
    – Sergey Sirotkin
    – Vitaly Petrov
    Force India
    – Paul di Resta
    – Adrian Sutil
    – Sergio Perez
    – Charles Pic
    – Giedo van der Garde
    – Heikki Kovalainen
    – Max Chilton

    For Lotus, even though both Hulkenburg and Maldonado are both very talented it would still be because of sponsorship and money that Pastor is chosen. It looks like Romain’s place is secure. I think Marussia should ask Max Chilton to leave as I don’t feel he will bring the team forward like Jules will. Maybe Frijns or Nasr would be a suitable replacement, even Perez if he can’t get any other seat.

    Camilo Vasquez

    I would love to see Perez or Hulkenberg in the Lotus next year, not Maldonado after the way he treated his team, and the way he has been performing lately.


    If it were up to me:
    Lotus: Grosjean and Hulkenberg
    Force India: Perez and Calado
    Sauber: Gutierrez and Kovalainen
    Caterham: van der Garde and Rossi
    Marussia: Bianchi and Nasr


    Lotus: Grosjean and Hulkenberg
    Sauber: Gutierrez and Perez
    Force India: Di Resta and Maldonado
    Caterham: Leimer and Van der Garde
    Marussia: Bianchi and Frijns


    What if Lotus, instead Hulk, are going to hire Valsecchi for 2014? It’s so much crazy this idea?


    If money played no real part in the decision:

    Lotus: Grosjean & Hulkenberg
    Sauber: Perez & Gutierrez
    Force India: Frijns & Calado
    Caterham: Rossi & van der Garde
    Marussia: Bianchi & Pic


    @crandreico I doubt it. The team has made it clear they want to hire Hulkenberg. The only way it doesn’t work it is if they cant’ afford to hire him and need a pay-driver.

    Prisoner Monkeys


    Hulkenberg needs to stay with Sauber. He has changed teams far too often, and as a result, he is missing key skills that a driver entering his fourth season needs – namely, the ability to develop the car over the long term.

    As for Sirotkin, he spent most of this year racing Antonio Felix da Costa, even if it did not show in his results (he had mechanical issues and got taken out by others). His presence will also secure the team’s future.


    Lotus need money, and Perez has it. Although he was let go by McLaren, Martin Whitmarsh has publicly supported Perez, saying he is a better prospect than many drivers looking for a seat, and that he has called Lotus.

    As for Grosjean, he has quietly achieved a lot this year. His outright speed came at the cost of recklessness, and while he has gotten rid of that impetuous streak, it did cost him some speed – but he has gained that back.


    Force India pride themselves on taking talented drivers and giving them some experience before selling them on to a bigger team, which is strange because they have never actually done that. And with both di Resta and Sutil being mediocre, there is no time like the present.

    Vandoorne is the ideal choice: he is young, he is quick, and McLaren have big plans for him. By taking him, Force India wipe their debt and get a talented driver to on-sell. Maldonado is there to bring some money and make Vandoorne look better when he beats the Venezuelan.


    Caterham made a mistake taking Pic and van der Garde. What they need is a driver for financial stability, and a driver who can excel. Pic has more money than van der Garde, so he brings the stability. Leimer is the reigning GP2 champion, so he’s clearly no slouch. And if he doesn’t perform, he can be replaced.


    Realistically, Max Chilton has had his turn and should be let go. But his family own a stake in the team, so getting rid of him probably means giving up on the much-needed money.

    As a realistic alternative, the team should cut a deal with Igor Mazepa and Russian Time. Swap Chilton for Sam Bird, get a new income stream and retain their identity in one fell swoop.


    My predictions for the remaining seats (what I think will happen rather than what I would like to happen):

    LOTUS: GROSJEAN and PEREZ – Lotus are taking their time, but I believe Grosjean is confirmed. I think the Maldonado-Force India deal is also done so that leaves Hulkenberg. If this was going to happen I think it would have by now, but it heavily relies on the Quantam deal. That leaves the choice between Kovalainen and Perez if that doesn’t happen, and I think Perez would get the nod due to his backing.

    SAUBER: HULKENBERG and GUTIERREZ – Hulkenberg will stay with Sauber I think. Lotus have messed around too long with their decision and better to confirm his current seat than hold out and miss out on a seat altogether. Gutierrez will also be retained. He’s improved over the second half of the season and I feel there is more to come from him next year. Will also give Sirotkin the chance to run FP’s next season before getting the race drive for 2015.

    FORCE INDIA: SUTIL and MALDONADO – I think both of these seats are done deals and just waiting to be announced. Di Resta to move to Indycar?

    CATERHAM: PIC and VAN DER GARDE – Pic is apparently quite highly rated in the team and I think he will therefore be retained. Van der Garde has impressed me this season with a few stand-out moments and I see no reason not to keep him. Has performed well.

    MARUSSIA: BIANCHI and CHILTON – Bianchi is confirmed and I think Chilton’s family shares will keep him in a drive. Not to mention he has done a pretty decent job this year, finished every race and is improving recently in comparison with Jules. Safe pair of hands and not costing Marussia lots of expensive repairs. Will retain his seat.

    Rick Lopez

    Lotus – GROSJEAN and HULKENBERG/PEREZ – Grosjean will be retained and if Quantum happens, Hulkenberg will come, if not, I think Perez will go.

    Sauber – SIROTKIN and HULKENBERG/GUTIERREZ – If Sirotkin gets his superlicense he will come, as Kaltenborn has said. For the second seat, Hulkenberg will be retained if he dosent go to Lotus, otherwise Gutierrez will stay.

    Force India – SUTIL and MALDONADO – Sutil will stay and Maldonado will bring money as the team needs a pay driver. Di Resta will be dropped because of poor results.

    Caterham – PIC and VAN DER GARDE – Pic brings Renault and Van der Garde has really impressed this year.

    Marussia – BIANCHI and CHILTON – Bianchi already confirmed and Chilton brings money


    I am going to say to whom they should go to . Not to whom they are likely to go to
    Lotus -Hulk , Gro
    Sauber-Perez , Sirotkin( Sauber are crazy on this kid , I can’t help it )
    Force India – gutierez , Di Besta
    PDVSA Maldonado racing – Pastor Maldonado


    Lotus: Grosjean and Perez
    Grosjean will be retained. Perez would be a very good signing for Lotus, as he’s a very good driver and he can bring in some Slim money, who would move his companies from Sauber to Lotus.

    Force India: Sutil and Maldonado
    Both bring in sponsorship money and are capable of getting good results. Sutil has already been quoted saying he’ll be wearing “the same shirt” next year.

    Sauber: Hulkenberg and Sirotkin
    Hulkenberg should be patient and wait for an even bigger seat to open than Lotus’, whilst showing he can be loyal and develop the car. If he moves to Lotus I feel he could jeopardise a bigger move. Sirotkin should get his super license and then the Russian money will flow in, which allows Sauber to hold onto Hulkenberg.

    Marussia: Bianchi and Chilton
    Bianchi has already been confirmed as staying, and I’d expect Chilton too with the money he brings to the team.

    Caterham: Pic and van der Garde
    Both have performed well enough to be retained, and van der Garde has particularly impressed in the 2nd half of the season, plus he brings McGregor money. Kovalainen doesn’t bring such money while costs of competing are rising.


    Here’s what I think will likely happen.
    LOT – GRO, MAL
    FRI – SUT, HUL
    SBR – GUT, PER
    CTH/MRU – No change

    Bold are changes vs. 2013


    Here’s what I’d like to see:
    Lotus: Grosjean and Perez
    Sauber: Hulkenberg and Gutierrez
    Force India: Calado and Maldonado
    Caterham: Rossi and Van der Garde
    Marussia: Bianchi and Frijns


    Lotus: Grosjean, Maldonado – Maldonado has lots of money and they need it. His personality is shitty but he is fast. Hopefully he can turn his racing around like Grosjean did.
    Sauber: Hülkenberg, Sirotkin – Again, Sauber needs the money from Sirotkin. Hülkenberg should stay at Sauber because they are a good team with good connections and he really needs some stability in his F1 career.
    Force India: Sutil, Perez – Perez needs a seat and McLaren may help him get this one at FI. Van Doorne would be another McLaren protege that I’d like to see here instead of Sutil, but who knows if they want to give Sutil up?
    Caterham: Pic, Van der Garde – I think they have both established themselves.
    Marussia Bianchi, Chilton – Chilton… he has the money they need and in some races you could definitely see that he has improved a lot. I’m not sure who could replace him.

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