Who should the remaining seats for the 2014 season go to and why?

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    Antonio Nartea

    Lotus: Grosjean / Perez – Grosjean is set and Perez proved he’s worthy of a decent drive. This might actually turn into a better option than McLaren for him.
    Sauber: Hulkenberg / Sirotkin – Hulkenberg needs to stay put if he’s eyeing a Ferrari seat, or simply to prove he’s capable of commiting to a team for an extended period of time. Sirotkin is an unknown quantity, but it will be massively interesting to see what he’s capable of. Also, it sorts out Sauber’s financial issues.
    Force India: Sutil / Calado – Sutil will probably stay put for continuity while Calado should get a shot, in my opinion. Di Resta looks set to fill the 4th Ganassi seat in IndyCar.
    Caterham: Kovalainen / Van Der Garde – Kovalainen should get another shot, not because he’s the best driver on the grid but for the experience he can bring in a crucial year. Van Der Garde hasn’t done a lot, but looks to be in ascending form. Could prove a better prospect than Pic.
    Marussia: Bianchi / Vandoorne – Bianchi stays while McLaren should get Vandoorne into the other seat. This could be a strikingly good pairing.


    Lotus – Grojean/Hulkenburg

    I disagree about Hulk staying at sauber for continuities sake. If it happens quickly, he should move to the best team he can, and stay there until something better comes. If they dont snap him up soon though, if I were hulk I would sign on the dotted line for the best of the teams showing interest. Coin flip between F.I. and sauber.

    Force India – Sutil/Perez

    Perez brings money and speed, Sutil is good, brings cash and is better than Di Resta.

    Sauber – Sirotkin/Glock

    Sirotkin for his money, and hopefully some skills

    And Glock for a solid fast driver who never got his chance to shine. That would be the smart move but I imagine gutierrez will stay.

    Marussia – Nasr

    Id love to see him in F1, a great talent, but I can only see money driving this seat, so im guessing max or maldanado. I personally would like to see the back of maldanado.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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