Who will be Kimi´s substitute?

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    As far as I´m concerned , there are strong rumours that Kimi could be retiring at the end of this season, and I found it interesting thinking about what Ferrari´s decision will be when it comes to finding him a proper substitute.
    I would say that the main candidates are Bottas, Sainz, Ricciardo and Grosjean, but I´d like to hear from you! :)


    As an Australian and Ricciardo and Ferrari Fan, I’d love to see Ricciardo in a Ferrari. Plus with his Italian heritage and ability to speak Italian, he’d be a good fit in the team in the absence of actually having an Italian driver (a small thing, but it’s something). He also got on well with Vettel in Red Bull so Ferrari would probably be avoiding creating too much tension (at least initially).

    Bottas I find unlikely, I don’t know why Ferrari would go after him. Grosjean is certainly a possibility but I don’t know how long his Haas contract is for (and how readily they’d give him up, given that he’s their senior driver). Then again I’m sure Ferrari have the money to buy him out if they want, and while Haas aren’t exactly lacking funds, they won’t be rolling in prize money so I’m sure they’d take the boost.

    Sainz, well I think Red Bull want to keep him and I don’t particularly see why he’d want to move (especially if he knew Ricciardo going to Ferrari meant that he could get a Red Bull seat – although I think it’s possible they’d put Kyvat back instead). Ricciardo on the other hand, being a more established driver, is more likely to be able to move if he wants – favouring what he wants in terms of a car and team over how much money they are offering him.

    Ivan Vinitskyy

    Ric isn’t moving, 2017 Redbull is looking too good to leave.
    Bottas – good choice for Ferrari if they want to keep concentration on Vettel
    Gro – under contract and Ferrari have cheaper options
    Ham – he might want to leave if the next 5 races go like Spain


    My post didn’t work earlier. I think Raikonnen will probably stay but if not I think it will be between Grosjean and Ricciardo with an outside chance for Sainz, Hamilton and Rosberg.

    Ferrari seem to like experienced drivers but they could take a risk on a young one and have vettel as a number 1 driver.


    Someone who does well in 2017.

    Kimi has driven brilliant season so far and he wants to continue his career. The seat isn’t available yet. No one could’ve done better than him this year.


    Grosjean, Bottas or Hulkenberg.

    Of course it should have been Bianchi (RIP) Who would most probably have been a Sauber driver for the past season and a half


    Would it not be a good point to bring Grosjean in, then move someone from the academy to Haas?

    *had originally thought Marciello, but realised he’s not part of the squad any more…

    Craig Woollard

    Knowing Ferrari, he will be replaced by Bottas. I’ll let you all work out why.


    Ferrari isn’t the kind of team that takes young and inexperienced drivers like Red Bull does. They tend to take more experienced and well-established drivers. They waited a few years before signing drivers like Schumcaher, Alonso, Räikkönen and Vettel instead of signing them when they were young. Massa was one of the least experienced drivers Ferrari has had in recent years when he started at Ferrari with “only” three years of experience. Ferrari very rarely signs a driver that hasn’t won a race yet, but with race-winning drivers in a short supply, a podium finisher should do the job.

    I think this rules out Sainz and many others as well. Grosjean and Bottas would be the most obvious candidates given their results and experience. There are, however, rumour that Bottas has already extended his contract with Williams and Grosjean has a multi-year contract with Haas. Hulkenberg could also be an option but he hasn’t been quite fast enough over the last year and a half.

    With that said, I think Kimi is going to stay for next year. He’s done stellar job so far this season and there is no reason for Ferrari to let him go. Besides Ferrari wants to have consisntency in their driver lineups which is one of the reasons why Massa stayed there for so long despite mediocre results.


    This is an intresting topic. He is old…

    But right now he is outperforming Vettel. What will happen next year, with better tires faster cars. Maybe Kimi wilm be even more competitive.

    On other hand Grosjean for me is prime replacement. He is old enough, experienced enough fast enough, but also not a TOP(as in not a multiple world champion) driver. Very important for Ferrari historically.

    I dont think Ferrari will go for Hamilton, easily Rosberg, but Rosberg has better chances in Mercedes.

    Riciardo is on an 18year contract with Red Bull.

    Alonso just left, Button is as good as Kimi(old super pro 1x wdc).

    List grows short, Bottas was a serius candidate in 2015, but it seems he peaked at about Massa level.

    If I were Ferrari, I would poach Vandoorne or Seinz. Someone young but blindingly fast, and build for the future. Other than that Grosjean.

    If not those 3 keep Kimi. He is performing right now last few races ok.


    I don’t really see how Kimi is outperforming Vettel though? I really do believe they will keep Kimi, but if anyone is to replace him right now I would go for Sainz. He’s faster and younger than all others available. Grosjean really is a rather boring option, maybe that’s why Ferrari would choose him…

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