Who’s better – Massa or Webber

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    Rick Lopez

    With the news that Mark Webber is leaving Formula 1, I was interested on people’s throughts on who was better: him or Felipe Massa. For example, Massa beats Webber on wins and poles, but Webber has more podiums. However, Webber has also been at Red Bull, so maybe he should have done better. With this in mind, I think Massa is the better driver. Leave thoughts below.


    On current form, I’d say Webber. Massa seems to be a hit or miss, Webber too, but Webber hits more often while Massa misses more often.

    In his prime, Massa was undoubtedly a better driver than Webber though. For instance, Webber has never beaten a driver of the same calibre as Raikkonen. Massa challenged Hamilton in almost equal cars in 2008, and very nearly beat him despite having more bad luck. Webber on the other hand, had a dominant car in 2010, did not have the reliability misfortunes Vettel did, and still only finished 3rd in the WDC.


    Back in his days, Massa was better then Webber has ever been.
    Now, I think that Webber is better. By miles. No contest.
    Webber isn’t very consistent, but Massa has maybe two or three good races in a year. Webber has more then that, but more importantly his low aren’t near as low as Massa’s. Usually not anyway.


    Webber. Both missed out on a WDC just barely but Massa has been in a competitive car much longer than Webber. Besides, Massa sucked for at least 4 seasons in a row now and while Webber didn’t exactly set the world on fire either he did much better than Massa, competing for wins and podiums on the regular.



    Shortest debate ever.


    Webber is way better


    Webber. In my opinion, Webber spent most of his prime years in a poor Williams or building up Red Bull. Massa however spent his in a decent Ferrari.



    Webber. Both missed out on a WDC just barely but Massa has been in a competitive car much longer than Webber.

    Not even close.

    Massa had a competitive car in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2013. Ferrari of 2012 is questionable.
    Webber had a competitive car in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and now 2013.

    That’s 5 years each, and Massa has more wins than Webber.

    Likewise, Massa’s 2008 season challenge was definitely more impressive than Webber’s 2010, not a shadow of doubt.

    I can agree that today, Webber is superior to Massa. However, in 2007-2009, Massa was a better driver than Webber could ever dream of.


    Massa was battling the big boys in 2008 and showed superb driving skills in 2009. His 2007 was a little wild, still, but he finished in close range to the top 3 and did pretty well all season.

    I’ve considered Webber a good driver for longer, but apart from 2009 and 2010, he never seemed to be able to really keep up with the frontrunners. Sure, he has a history of poor cars, but also poorly adapting to cars. Right now, I’d rather have Webber in my car, but if I were to chose between 2008 Massa, or today’s Hamilton, it’s be a tough call.


    +1 Nick


    Webber. he showed his mega qualy multiple times with Minardi, Jaguar, Williams, and Red Bull (pre-Vettel era). plus 5th in debut with Minardi. His podiums in Monaco 05 (Williams) and Nurburgring 07 (Red Bull) were highly rated, given the grid was not so competitive like nowadays. with Vettel onboard as team-mate, he got overshadowed though. but his late 2009, 2010, and early 2012 were memorable.

    Massa? he’s good in Sauber, but for me, he wasn’t shining that bright. I was surprised when Ferrari poached him. His first races with Ferrari was below par to average. But late in the season he found the rhytm. 2007-2008 was great of him. And post Hungary crash in 09, for me he’s just lacklustre.

    In right circumstances, both was in same league. But in difficult situation, I value Webber better than Massa. That’s why I vote for Webber.


    Current form Webber. However If given the Red Bull I reckon Massa would have done a better job than Webber.
    2010, The Ferrari was Only a faster car on roughly 3 occasions (Bahrain, Germany, Italy) plus the first season back from the head injury it was acceptable that Massa wouldn’t be as fast.
    2011, Red Bull Dominance.
    2012, Yes Alonso led the Championship early on but as everyone understands the Ferrari was a dog of a car. You needed more than a pinch of luck to get a result out of it.
    2013, The first few races Massa has looked like his former self (Given a car that can compete) but the Ferrari hasn’t looked as impressive as the Red Bull for a couple of races now.
    Also with Massa its safe to say Massa Cannot catch a break.
    Given the right equipment and support Massa would perform better.


    # before 04 – Webber
    #From 2004-2005: WEbber better
    # 2006 – Massa
    # 2007 – Massa
    # 2008 – Massa
    # 1.st half 09 – Massa slightly better, rest of the year Webber was *good*!
    # 2010 – Webber ofcourse
    # 2011 – Webber, but remember Felipe had a mentally horrible year with much animosity against LH
    # 2012 – Webber first half, Massa on par with Web or better during the second half
    # 2013 – First two-three races Massa, remaining 5 races Webber, overall Webber.

    >> My opinion is that given the right equipment, a massive psychological support, and generally some fine working conditions, Massa is better Webber, but not by much.
    Otherwise, Web is better on average, specially with a less than perfect car and with an internal fight against his teammate (he usually excels in difficult circumstances, specially as I said difficult _internal_ ciircums.)


    @ Magnificent Geoffrey; why shortest debate ever? We’re discussing this just for two days now, and its already become a lengthy discussion.


    At their best, it’s Massa no question. Webber was just lucky in 2010, otherwise the only year he’s come close to Vettel was in 2009, when Vettel was 21-22. Massa was genuinely one of the best drivers in 2007-2009.

    Overall, though, Webber was more impressive in his early days at Jaguar than Massa was at Sauber, and Massa has trailed off badly since 2010.

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