Who’s choosing what? – driver numbers 2014


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    Somebody said on F1F that Pastor should get 69 so that we can see it when his car is upside down :P

    I guess I agree with him, though 0 wouldn’t have been too bad. 0 should be available, I think.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    @alfie – I don’t think anyone will take 74. It’s Robert Kubica’s number in the WRC-2. He’s stepping up to the WRC this year, and while the entry list hasn’t been published for 2014 yet, he’s in a private entry and the FIA takes requests for numbers.


    @prisoner-monkeys would the numbers not just be a single pool, irrespective of category, certainly since GP3-GP2-F1 is the established path and support series. If it was me, I would make all three categories choose from a single pool, to ensure numbers stayed the same through their whole career.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    I’d give them the option of changing when they enter a new category. Just in case their preferred number becomes available.

    And it might help keep the total number of numbers in rotation down. After all, we will have 22 Formula 1 drivers, 26 GP2 drivers, 26 GP3 drivers and, assuming all of the teams field just one test driver (and they can always run more than one), 11 additional drivers. So that’s 85 numbers that would be needed, and it doesn’t take into account mid-season changes, particularly in the junior categories.

    This was a problem here in Australia a few years ago when V8 Supercars was given International status. One of the teams, Triple Eight, enters one of their cars under the number 888. This led to a couple of teams in the feeder series picking up other triple-digit numbers, like 222, 777 and 999. There’s also 360, and there were a few one-off numbers like 247 and 300. But this apparently causes chaos with the FIA because most of their timing infrastructure is geared towards two-digit numbers. That might sound like a stupid and arbitrary rule, but look at the scoreboard/running order-pillar thing in Barcelona – it’s built for two-digit numbers. Tearing it down and rebuilding it for three-digit numbers that most people won’t even use is an expensive waste of time.

    Loup Garou

    Vettel should choose 13. No one else will and he will never need to use it. ;)


    Romain Grosjean has submitted his numbers and…
    …he’s not saying.


    By the way, has the FIA ruled that leading zeros are not allowed? Kimi could apply for 07 instead of 7, and so on.


    I’m pretty sure that zeroes are allowed, just not at the beginning of a number. ;-)

    Prisoner Monkeys

    I’m guessing Grosjean might race under the number 29, as it is his son’s birthday.

    I wonder how the FIA is going to go about getting parts of this done. They apparently want the numbers finalised before Christmas (they contacted the drivers directly, which they also did to stop teams picking for their drivers), but I doubt the grid will be set before the new year.

    They typically publish a provisional entry list before the end of the year, so I imagine they will post what they have and sort the rest out as they join the grid.


    @kaiie I don’t know about the zeroes at the start, they allow them in Moto Gp. Andrea Dovizioso for example raced with 04 last year so maybe it will be the same with F1.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    MotoGP is governed by FIM, not the FIA, so what they do in MotoGP has no bearing on what will happen in Formula 1.

    Fer no.65

    which is a shame…

    Prisoner Monkeys

    It may well be that the drivers can use a number with a 0 at the front. The FIA has not said one way or the other. I was just trying to point out that MotoGP has no bearing on Formula 1, since they are governed by different bodies.

    Of more interest to me is where all this talk of Raikkonen using number 7 is coming from. Sure, 2007 was the year he won the title, but as far as I am aware, he hasn’t said anything on the subject of his number choices. But for some reason, people seem willing to accept it as fact that he will be number 7 (or at least wants to be). Did I miss something?


    There are some popular facebook pages that are staying Raikkonen has said he wants 7 and Alonso 14.

    You’d imagine Alonso would at least tweet about it.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    I thought it might be something like that.

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