Why is Sutil acting the victim?

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    I was watching the drivers press conference on sky, and a question was asked to Lewis and Sutil regarding their relationship; Lewis gave a diplomatic answer saying we’ve had a chat blah blah and you count the number of good friends on one hand and I hope things will be ok blah blah. Sutil on the other hand had a face on gave a dead answer and clearly was annoyed. What is wrong the guy, did he honestly expect Lewis Hamilton to come to court and testify in his favour when that would have been blatent lying. He is seriously annoying. I feel sorry for Hamilton in that he makes an effort to have a good relationship and Sutil couldn’t care less and acts the victim, where in fact as proven he was the guilty party!


    I don’t think Sutil expected Hamilton to help him out in court by lying, from what I remember I believe it was because Hamilton didn’t show up at all or offer any kind of support. They we’re pretty good friends before and I remember Sutil saying even Hamilton’s dad had texted him saying good luck but Hamilton didn’t contact him at all. I think this is the reason though it seems pretty petty as although Hamilton could have been supportive it was in fact Sutil that had attacked a man.



    If I had a good friend who had an opportunity to help keep me out of bars by showing up in court… and he didn’t… I would be pissed off with that guy for the rest of my life.

    In fact, I would re arrange that so called friend’s face. Lets not forget Lewis changed his number and absconded when Sutil was trying to get in touch with him. That is just a shitty thing to do to anyone.

    I’m surprised you’re turning this situation around and making Sutil look bad. Sutil’s career nearly ended because of this bar room brawl.. and Lewis didn’t really give a damn about one of his ‘closest’ friends

    Lucas Wilson


    To be honest, if my ‘friend’ nearly killed a man with a shard of glass, i’d change my number as well.


    And what are we basing all this info off of? Ham did or did not do this or that. Have any of us chatted with Lewis? Exactly. SO how the heck do we know about any of it?

    He wasn’t at the trial granted. But do we expect that the McLaren pay/life masters would ever allow that???


    If you were accused of doing something, and your friends gave something other than complete support, you would feel abandoned, and quite upset.

    This is compounded by the psyche of sports people. They have a bubble of people around them that give them constant support and solve their problems. They aren’t used to being forced to fend for themselves, and often, they don’t consider the needs of the people around them, as the people around them are focussed on their needs.

    It would be very hard for someone such as Sutil to accept that someone close to them would put distance between them when they are most needed. Having been brought up in such a bubble makes the feeling of abandonment more intense.


    Short n sweet- Sutil needs to realise he is a convicted crim and lucky to have an F1 car on his hands- personally I would have dropped him- as he is not that good- not a WDC, so why bother- get KK back!!

    But he seems quick- and we all get a 2nd chance dont we !! ?? Let see……………

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