Why is the spotlight only on Bahrain?

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    Why is the spotlight only on Bahrain

    Formula 1 is in Bahrain and good for it being there.
    For the record, before I start, I respect and understand opposing opinions..

    Anyway, F1 as a whole has decided to go to Bahrain. Teams, press and pundits are reporting that they feel safer in Bahrain then London! They have wondered around the city and traveled easily around the country. A lot of press has shown Bahrain very negatively, and a lot of this negativity is “overdone” to make a better story. I believe the situation in the country is a lot better than a lot of people believe, especially those that haven’t even been to the country..

    A lot of people on this site (and elsewhere online) have stated the desire to have the race cancelled and have said they will not be watching the race.. This just seems to be a bit of a knee jerk reaction, and people dont look at the bigger picture.. Some people hear one or two bad reports and decide that watching a race is immoral.. I’m not denying there are issues, protests (many are peaceful though) and maybe there should be political reform, but then I don’t think theres one country that F1 visits, that doesn’t have at least one of the above mentioned, even here in the UK one or two of those apply in my opinion!

    Why is everyone so hooked up on Bahrain but not other countries? If you are that effected by human rights issues and the political situation in a country, why do you not oppose and withdraw from watching the Chinese, Singapore, Malaysian, Brazilian or the potentially up and coming Mexican or Russian GP, just to name a few.. Going by the reasons that a lot of people have given for not wanting the Bahrain GP , we would have a very small F1 calendar if people weren’t so narrow minded, and so hooked up on only Bahrain. If you’ve got a serious opinion on these issues, why are there no complaints at other races.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Why is everyone so hooked up on Bahrain but not other countries?

    Because Bahrain gets the most media coverage since it’s the most current event, and we can get live pictures.


    While I understand that.. The sentence was supposed to be rhetorical, and the point I was trying to get across was “Why are some people single track minded.. While the reasons people want the Bahrain GP cancelled can be applied to a whole host of countries, why do people let those countries slide and sweep the issues under the carpet..” Bahrain has better human rights, and far less issues in some respects than China last weekend, and very few people opposed that.. The media is well aware of how made the state is in China, but people chose to ignore it, and then react in an almost Knee Jerk way to Bahrain.


    Unlike in China, Abu Dhabi and other countries with human rights issues, Bahrain is the only nation where police are actively cracking down on civilians just for the sake of hosting the grand prix there.

    I watch the Chinese and Abu Dhabi grands prix, even though they have serious issues with human rights in those countries. I’m not watching Bahrain this weekend because I have a moral objection to the race there and I can’t watch the sport without thinking about all the oppression that I’ve read about that takes place just so they can host the race.

    Am I a hypocrite? Probably. But to be honest with you, I really don’t care if people want to call me a hypocrite.


    The oppression isn’t because the Khalifa regime want to host a race.. If that was the case there would of been uproar in ~2004.. There is oppression, that’s for sure, but not because the Government want a race. I agree, Security may have been ramped up in the build up the GP and the Shia Muslims may see this as more oppression, its difficult to say from the UK mind. But it is a way to get their views heard..


    You don’t think China might possibly do similar things before the race? Obviously not so out in the open, but they did many things before the Olympics in terms of quieting ANY dissent about anything.

    Okay F1 Fanatic members and others who stand up for your beliefs, so, you support Shia Muslims cause in Bahrain. That is very commendable. These are the same Shia’s who beat themselves with chains once a year till they bleed to honor their supposed prophet Ali. And get their young boys to do that as well. So, you support these Shia in their cause, do you also support my Muslim brothers and sisters in other nations as well?


    No, China wouldn’t do such things, because there is and has never been any controversy over that Grand Prix.


    @Abdurahman This isn’t about ‘supporting’ Shia Muslims in Bahrain or not. This about people having the right to protest peacefully and speak their minds politically whether you agree with them or not without fear of being oppressed, arrested or even shot at.

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