Will BMW comeback to F1

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    Would be nice to seem em come back. Surely the ecomony isnt slowing them down?Im seeing more BMW’s on the road in Ausrealia than ever before, Oh and i read some where Porsche may be entering F1 in 2013?

    Prisoner Monkeys

    No, and no.

    BMW have decided that they don’t want to take part in Formula 1 anymore. They’re building cars for the DTM instead, which they feel is more road-relevant to them.

    As for Porsche, they’re not entering Formula 1 in 2013. They’re going to Le Mans. Audi will stop racing there because VAG have a policy of not letting their marques compete with one another. Volkswagen have talked about entering Formula 1, but not until 2018.

    Neither manufacturer is entering. I don’t know where you’re getting your information from, but I’d stop getting it from there.


    Just as an aside; Willy Rampf, old BMW Sauber Technical Director, is now at Volkswagen, albeit spearheading their WRC effort


    VW haven’t actually announced that Audi will be leaving, and odd as it seems, signs at the moment suggest that they will let them compete against each other.


    With the highly restrictive engine rules coming up, why would anyone?


    Thinking about your post Kenny G, a couple of years back, Porsche abd Audi both competed in the ALMS series at the same time. Audi were in LMP1 and the Porsche spyders were in LMP2, so it has happened before. I think I remember a pretty epic battle between them at a water-side circuit somewhere.

    Have Porsche confirmed that they will be entering the LMP1 category?


    No…. lack of funding… interest in F1 is going downhill and Sky is around the corner. I’d be amazed if half of the grid wanted to return


    As Zadak once said…


    BMW will return, of that I’m certain. BMW is a big company specializing in performance road cars. Not in the forseeable future though. I think it will be a long time though, it could be a very VERY long time.

    Big car brands come and go. Look at the gap between Honda’s two campaigns to date.

    If the VW group wanted to have a go at F1 I would love it. If they chose to run the Bugatti badge I would be so happy.


    @HBG – yes, Porsche have officially announced they will be running an LMP1 car again in 2 years.

    But at the same time Audi have stated, it does NOT mean they will neccisarily drop out (despite what PM writes about VW AG and its policies). It might be that VW is changing in this aspect, as with VW entering rallye, it also will have competing cars of 2 marques in rallye, even if in slightly different categories (VW itself and Skoda)

    Prisoner Monkeys

    I wouldn’t go getting my hopes up about a VAG marque entering Formula 1 on the basis of what they might be doing in another series.


    Wasn’t VW planning once upon a time to enter as an engine supplier though? Under the Audi brand IIRC?

    Prisoner Monkeys

    They briefly talked about it, but though better of it. Audi were instrumental in shaping the original 2013 engine regulations, but the teams managed to get the V6s approved over the I4s.

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