Will Raikkonen win another title?

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    Bradley Downton

    The title says it all. Do you think Kimi Raikkonen can win another Championship?

    It’s obvious he still wants to win, or he wouldn’t be here, and it’s obvious he can still win, as he proved in Abu Dhabi. But will he win another Championship, or will he now fade slightly into the background and be one of those drivers who picks up the odd win and is always 3rd to 6th in the Championship?


    I doubt he’ll win another. I dont think McLaren/Ferrari/Red Bull will take him now, and Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton are all in strong positions within their relative teams. I can’t see the Lotus team challenging for the title, they just dont seem to have the motivation of the other teams (I’m not talking about Kimi himself).

    That said, I think he’ll give their second drivers a run for their money, your last sentence sums up my expectations.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    it’s obvious he can still win, as he proved in Abu Dhabi

    There’s a big difference between winning a race on merit, and inheritng the race lead. Raikkonen’s win in Abu Dhabi was very definately the latter – he couldn’t match (much less catch) Hamilton, who probably would have won the race if he had been able to finish. And while Raikkonen obviously had to hold onto the lead once he inherited it, he simply didn’t have the pace to win the race on his own.

    And if he has to rely on other drivers retiring from the race or making mistakes for him to win races, he’s certainly not going to win another championship.


    With the current grid as it is, no. The Vettel-RBR partnership, the Alonso-Massa combo at Ferrari and, possibly this year but probably after the engine regs, Ham at Mercedes all seem to be too good for a Lotus to beat. Raikonnen can get third or possibly even second in the championship, but the current grid looks too good for another WDC.

    On the other hand, I can definitely see another WDC if the grid changes. If RBR produce a dog of a car, Massa leaves and his new teammate troubles Alonso like 07, or Webber leaves and Red bull want the Iceman in, then he could do it.


    I don’t think he can with Lotus, unless they can give him a car which can consistently challenge the top three. If he was to move to a bigger team like Red Bull or McLaren for example, then I think he could definitely do it.


    Highly unlikely.

    If he was to move to a bigger team like Red Bull or McLaren for example, then I think he could definitely do it.

    Perhaps, but not with Hamilton, Alonso or Vettel as his teammate he wont.


    Possibly. Who knows?


    I still think he deserved to win in 2005 and not so much in 2007, which should have really gone too either Alonso or Hamilton. So realistically, he could have had 2 already.

    but I doubt the lotus can mark a proper challenge on a regular basis to the front row, which knowing him, will probably make his motivation to drive less and less.

    Alex green

    Lets hope he does


    God knows.


    Even in a good car I don’t think he has it in him. To be honest, I don’t think he was that deserving in 2007 anyway, he might be one of the most “undeserving” WDCs ever.


    He deserved to win in 2005 definitely and also in 2003. 2007 was lucky but only bad luck stopped him already having 1 or 2 champs by then anyway. definitely not undeserving.

    Back on topic, he is capable of another but i can’t see it happening in lotus.

    Ben Furtula

    I think he has better natual ability then Vettel, Webber, Massa, Alonso, Hamilton and Button but does not have the motivation any more for him to win another world title.


    Grosjean is faster than Kimi. But Kimi is better. I wouldn’t say that he has better natural ability.

    My goodness, how Vettel is underestimated.

    Bradley Downton

    The point I wanted to prove was that when he was confirmed last year, a lot of people were sure he’d win again. I just wanted to see how people’s opinions had changed after a season.

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