Will you ever give up on F1?

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    @ronyeo I don’t think Bernie’s made a success of F1, how can any series with only nine entrants and a catalogue of withdrawn team, bankruptcies and redundant workers count itself a success?

    Perhaps time to open F1 up to GP2 teams and cars, running in a satellite points scheme, like the non-turbo championship in 1987?

    Omar R

    After all the bad comments I often read about F1 backstage, the new rules and devices such as DRS, the upcoming landslide of street circuits and this year dominance that hasn’t helped to improve the show respect to Red Bull winning times, just the contrary in my opinion (although I know many people consider this year racing better than ever, I consider 2010 and 2012 as really electrifying years) and knowing that Hamilton can lose a long and well deserved championship because of a farce, makes nothing but taking me away from F1. This year I haven’t seen some races for the first time since Spa 2000, the race that brought me into F1 (I was so lucky that, after not watching F1 for 10 years due to not having it broadcast in my country, the first race I saw while I was zapping was Spa 2000). F1 is starting to be little by little out of my life, from passion to mild interest only.


    @ronyeo I really don’t think Bernie has done an amazing job in any perspective; teams and individuals have lost fortunes in this Formula, thousands have lost their jobs and careers, and we now sit there every other Sunday to see nine teams take part.

    Time to allow GP2 teams to enter F1 races, while having their own satellite points structure (like the non-turbo series in 1987?)

    Ronald Yeo

    LeMans, and the WEC as a whole, is pretty amazing; furthermore, nearly all of the technologies there, is transferable to road cars and sports cars; its a wonder that it is not bigger. But WEC may not do well at all places; just as F1 is struggling to break into the US market, for example, the japanese le mans challenge was cancelled just after 2 years as it couldn’t fill the grids….

    I wonder if any of the supporting races could “take over” the mantle of F1 and maybe an external series could do so.

    Colossal Squid

    I can’t ever see myself giving up on F1 completely. Even during the most boring years for me – Schumacher domination of 2002 – 2004 (funnily enough I’m a Schumi fan!) – I still watched the races but they were more on tv in the background while I did something else. Since 2006 I’ve watched every race, almost every quali. I watch GP2 and the free practices when I get a chance. I can’t see myself ever quitting all of that. It’s almost a compulsion or addiction.

    What terrifies me is the idea that enough people will quit watching, or that the sport itself will collapse under its own financial strain. The way the sport is structured it’s almost unique in that it’s fesable that F1 with all its history and worldwide audience may cease to exist some day in the future. You can’t say that about football, rugby, tennis or basketball or many other sports. They’ll always be there in some form barring the total collapse of civilisation.

    The worst part is that, reading the responses from F1Fanatics on here people leaving the sport in huge numbers is a real possibility. We’re the minority on here, the ‘hardcore fans’ of F1, and I see everywhere people getting fed up of the way things are and where they’re going. The complainst are many: pay tv, exorbitant ticket prices, DRS, gimmicky tyres, a tiny grid, potential three car teams, corrupt management and big money politics from manufacturers…the list of ills in the sport is near endless!
    If the F1Fanatics are saying this then I can only assume the vast audience of the fickle casual viewer must be getting very tired of today’s F1. We’re the canaries in the coal mine and the warning signs couldn’t be any clearer.


    I think Bernie today gave a perfect assist. Now it’s a matter of something kicking it in the goal and I’ll be out for at least a while.

    What an out of touch and tired little world F1 is turning into. For a sport with such great fans and people who work in it, those who are at the top of the food chain manage to ruin it for everyone.

    If I want to be insulted, I’ll go out of my way to do so. I don’t have to watch a sport to be insulted.


    To be honest I am starting to lose interest in watching F1, because I have been a fan since 2011 and to be honest I think this year is the worse because of all the off-track action. Not the on-track action. If Bernie leaves F1, there might be a chance for Formula One to survive and maybe even grow.

    Ronald Yeo

    @Rodney – My apologies, I should have been clearer, in the sense that while better financial management could have averted the current disaster, what I meant was what BE did in the early days. Here, I am referring to the 1980s, when the business-oriented mindset bought in TV broadcasting rights and sponsorship deals, which actually allowed F1 to survive

    This may sound controversial, but whenever I think of F1 without BE or FOM, I think of what it could have been – which is something like the end outcome of Champ Car, A1GP or Formula Holden, except that F1 would have folded sometime in the late 1980s without the “big-business” mindset. Auto racing is not like other sports – it is incredibly expensive and requires the sponsorship and active participation of the largest auto-manufacturers and MNCs; if it was not, then Champcar, A1GP or Formula Holden would have survived till today.

    Ronald Yeo

    Edit- reference to my above comments, i do feel that the current system is incredibly tought for smaller teams and the way the financial pie is distributed needs a relook – and succession is always going to be a problem. the succession process, of the next generation of leadership, may be what would destroy F1 in the end.


    @ronyeo Actually I must apologise – I didn’t mean to post my last message twice, it sounded like I was shouting! I posted once and it didn’t seem to go through, so I did it again. And then both posted, and it wouldn’t let me delete one!

    Having got very much into F1 in the early/mid 80s, there were loads of teams entering, this was the time the deposit to enter being $500,000 – and the teams were still professional.

    I would say the F1 business model must have been flawed even then, if good mid-grid teams like Arrows, Ligier/Prost and Tyrrell couldn’t survive. And even Lotus and Brabham, championship winners, went out of business.

    This is all Bernie’s fault. He’s turned F1 into his own personal money-making ego-show – so he must bear some responsibility for what’s gone wrong now.

    And he’s still wrecking things now. He’s pulled Johnny Walker in as a series sponsor – that was McLaren’s backer. He did the same with Emirates, former McLaren sponsor now trackside sponsor.

    His comments in the last few days, about women complaining too much, young fans being irrelevant, and no-one missing Marussia/Caterham, shows he hates everyone. There is no positivity there, no joy.

    Surely, we’re all here because we enjoy the racing? Bernie doesn’t any more. So he needs to go, and fast!

    Take care Ron, talk soon :)


    Having a lack of people to talk about it to is the same here in the UK, plenty of us like it but we hide in the woodwork.


    Yes, I’ll voluntarily give up on “watching” F1 by the end of next year (or maybe even mid-next year – everything will be clear by then). I’ve had a decade of entertainment from Shumacher days to now – from teenage to twenties. v10s to v8s.

    What would I watch instead? Nothing, MotoGP works fine for me – short races, good racing, no BS!
    I would be interested in watching RC Cars racing :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_YH1DTpWec [Abu Dhabi reminds me of this lol]

    I might play F1 though, as playing game is more fun and beneficial than watching these days!

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