Worst Car 2010

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    I don’t think Saubers are unreliable. of course at early of the season they cannot finish some race in raw but how about today? they don’t retire due to failure at all.


    Yes Steph, I like sometimes to go to the last pages of the Forum and post in some thread to prevent some new thread which may continue from another one.


    Barring the 3 new teams, Toro Rosso. They really haven’t reached the levels of achievement they were heading for a couple of seasons ago, now they just seem to be heading backwards


    For me, without a doubt HRT. Reasons? Here is why –

    Terrible management

    Drivers shuffled according to who is getting in more money that particular weekend

    Not enough money to pay Dallara

    Not having enough updates for circuits(Monza)

    Replacing a bad driver with an even worse one

    Nearly took the head of one of its mechanics off

    Was convincingly the slowest of all the new teams


    Created a nightmare of an F1 car, which was actually at times slower than a GP2 car


    Slowest car- Hispania

    Most unreliable car- Virgin/Red Bull

    Most inconsistent car- Force India

    Ugliest car- Sauber

    Most disapointing car- Mercedes


    At the risk of incurring TommyB’s wrath, my vote goes for the STR5. For a car which is essentially the RB5, which was awesome, with a Ferrari engine, which is pretty handy, and two good young drivers, they haven’t really been up to scratch. They seem to have gone from being midfield giant killers a few seasons ago to slowest of the midfield again…


    I don’t want to be an erse who drags up old forum topics for no apparent reason, but I am! I was browsing F1F’s new functions and saw this one I started a year ago.

    After re-reading it, I came to more or less exactly the same conclusion regarding Williams! There was once a time when you could say the same things year in, year out about Williams’ constantly dominant machines. Sadly this is definitely no longer the case. I don’t even have particular hopes for next season. Renault engines are no guarantee of success; note the performance of Team Lotus CaterhamRacingAsiaPeople.

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)
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