Worst corner in F1


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    Force Maikel

    Well actually what an honour for Spa to have the best and probably for some the worst corner in F1 :)

    Personally I really hate turn 1 in Korea with that idiot pit exit but I really have absolutely no love for that chicane in Barcelona. Without that you really have a fast track. This thing really ruins an otherwise exciting track. It has pushed F1 fans to actually wanting to get rid of the entire track of the calendar.


    Turn 1 at Shanghai, as suggested by someone here, …mmm no, don’t think so.


    reading this thread makes me feel sick


    The 2010 additional section of Bahrain was full of terrible corners.

    Adam Blocker

    I actually like Turn 1 @ Shanghai, in my opinion it is one of the better first corners on the calendar.

    I think sector three at Valencia (might be on 2014 calendar) is the worst sector in F1.

    For this season though, the worst bit of track is probably the second chicane at Monza, along with the final chicane at Barcelona (already mentioned).


    Eau Rouge… 1994 version ;)

    Also add me to the Barcelona chicane haters club.


    The winner of this will be the last chicane at barcelona, and you can add my vote to it’s massive list.

    It’s just a useless tiny zit on a track which has so much more character. It ruins the whole lap IMO.


    @Carlitox. Yep, 1994’s temporary chicanes were terrible overreactions…
    Barcelona 1994 http://youtu.be/xazImNY0hNg?t=1m26s
    Canada 1994 http://youtu.be/WxwH7kTwwoU?t=2m45s
    Eau Rouge 1994 http://youtu.be/Z5PQMAEla0o?t=28s

    Omar R

    in 1994 Ayrton and Ronald died, so I think the overreaction was quite a natural response.
    But returning to the topic…
    – I don’t like the final turn in Malaysia.
    – The horrible turn after the long straight in China
    – All the 90 degree turns in Abu Dhabi and Singapore (I dislike the Singapore circuit so much)


    I think most of us agree that slow chicanes are awful. Because it’s difficult for F1 cars to manouver through it, but most of all because it prevents overtaking.

    Agree with the Barcelona chicane. What adds to the misery is that it is created to increase overtaking on the straight (besides safety reasons). But it turned out that it made overtaking even worse. Because the chicane is so slow, the car in front just accelerates away from you.

    Same goes for the chicane and consecutive hairpin in the first sector of Abu Dhabi: way too slow, which makes overtaking on the straight too difficult.


    I’d go for Barcelona because it used to be a great corner. There was so much commitment required, and now they’ve ruined it.
    I don’t know who decided that slow chicanes aid overtaking. Previously, the faster driver could carry more speed into the final corner, and be much faster down the straight. Now, they are all accelerating (and with engines being roughly equal), everyone goes the same speed. Plus, you can’t get on the throttle before the guy in front in a narrow chicane, because you’ll run into the back of him.


    I really hope the owner of the Circuit de Catalunya reads this thread ;)


    The final chicane in Barcelona. Absolutely horrifyingly bad. Especially as it replaces what was originally a very exciting final corner.


    Interesting to note that:
    1) a bunch of corners mentioned are slow chicanes
    2) ALL corners did not yet exist ten years ago


    Which makes you think about the other slow chicanes on the calendar that have not been brought up.

    What makes the chicanes at Canada, Suzuka and Hungary so much different to the modern day ones and why haven’t their designs been copied?

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