Would Hamilton (or another driver) yield for Alonso in Brazil?

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    Well he might not give up the win – but would he give up second or third place if necessary? And does he really “admire” Alonso or does he hate the fact that Vettel is accomplishing what he believes he should be accomplishing (3 World Championships)? Could it be the only reason that he wants Alonso to win so his own legacy is enhanced? Or does he just think Alonso to truly more deserving? Personally I think it is mind games against Seb as he see’s him as his biggest rival.


    @Cronies I’m sure Hamilton hates being beaten by Alonso as much as he hates being beaten by Vettel and I can’t imagine him pulling over to let either of them past.

    And it bears pointing out that although the FIA have (disgracefully) lifted the ban on team orders, they have warned teams not to collude between each other, and I suspect article 151 (c) of the International Sporting Code (‘bringing the sport into disrepute’) would be wielded if they did.


    @Keith Collantine

    It has been done in the past – Williams I remember handing McLaren a win. And what about Torro Rosso moving over for Redbull two races ago, article 151 (c) did not get a mention….


    or Glock giving Hamilton his championship??


    I was gonna reply/explain, and then I saw your last post.
    DO NOT tell me you seriously believe Clock gave Hamilton his championship.


    Well it is a good conspiracy….


    Knowing how they’re acting in the press, yeah, probably.



    Williams I remember handing McLaren a win

    …at Jerez in 1997 but I’m afraid I don’t have a copy of the regulations from 15 years ago so I can’t speak to that.

    Toro Rosso moving over for Red Bull two races ago

    I’ve no idea what you’re referring to there.

    Glock giving Hamilton his championship?

    Glock did not ‘let Hamilton win’ anything and anyone who says otherwise is revealing a poor knowledge of the basics of motor racing:


    Well it is a good conspiracy…

    There being no reason for Glock to help Hamilton, and nothing which indicates he did, it doesn’t seem to me to be a “good conspiracy” in any sense.


    I think we getting sidetracked on the Glock issue, stirring the pot a little. I was just trying to make a point that other drivers have in the past moved over for a driver (and I freely admit not Glock v Hamilton) that was not in there teammate – and no action was taken against them – the one I remember was Jerez 97.


    @ Keith Collantine

    Toro Rosso moving over for Red Bull two races ago

    I’ve no idea what you’re referring to there.

    In Abu Dhabi when Vettel came up to the the Torro Rosso drivers they could not have left the door wider for Vettel too pass.


    @Cronies There was nothing unusual about how Vettel, in a considerably faster car, got past the Toro Rossos. He overtook Vergne on lap nine as easily as he got past Kovalainen a few laps earlier; he got past Ricciardo on lap 23 just as easily as he got past Senna a few laps before that and then Schumacher shortly afterwards.

    I suspect you’re just making a knee-jerk claim based on the fact that Toro Rosso and Red Bull share the same owner without bothering to consider the details of the race. Nor realise how preposterous it is to allege that Toro Rosso were sufficiently prepared to help Vettel by ordering their drivers to dive out of Vettel’s way, yet not sufficiently prepared to make sure Ricciardo didn’t catch Vettel out with his braking behind the safety car.


    vergne drove off the track to let vettel through in abu dhabi


    @matthewf1 I’d overlooked lap 20! Even so, Vettel was in a faster car on softer tyres and Vergne was probably more concerned with not missing a chance to pass the Caterham ahead as Vettel inevitably came by.

    Although I always prefer to see drivers defending their position properly that was an act of pragmatism by Vergne.

    It does not give me cause to suspect Hamilton would be willing to let Alonso beat him in Brazil – the two things are poles apart.

    Frain stermin

    @Cronies , @matthewf1

    You Both are right, but it wasn’t a red car that Vettel was driving so everything is ok. It’s available only when it’s a ferrari…so people can jump in everything…

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