Would you prefer a close fight for the championship, or for the race?

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    With Sebastian Vettel 13 points ahead of Fernando Alonso in the standings, the only way that Alonso could win is if he finishes several positions ahead of Vettel. So if there is any epic showdown to be had in Brazil between the two now-still-double world champions, it will be either on the track or in the standings.

    Question (and for the Alonso and Vettel fans, answer the questions as if it wasn’t between one of your favorite drivers) to you is, what would you like to see happen best in Brazil?

    Would you prefer to end this great season with a race-long wheel-to-wheel battle for the race win between Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso, even if it means the championship is done for (as Alonso needs to finish far ahead of Vettel).

    Or would you prefer to end this great season with a race-long excitement to see if Vettel can get enough points, even if it means he’s not battling it out directly with Fernando. So, Fernando is in the lead, and Vettel is closing in on 4th. Can he make it and get past (driver in 4th place)?

    Personally, I’d love to see the latter because there are so many more variables. I loved the race-long battle between Vettel and Hamilton in Austin, but to see a driver come up, making checkmark after checkmark (got past 8th, now for 7th), watching the timing screens to see if he’s gonna make it… The tension will be killing, but the reward if he makes it, or just seeing how far he will make it, will win it for me in the end.

    Frain stermin

    for the championship….who cares for the race


    The battles between Vettel and Alonso are either long and dull or short and controversial. Not a fan of any of these scenarios. So I vote for championship excitement.


    How about Alonso and Webber duking it out for the win, with Vettel and Massa scrapping over fifth place? That should give us some excitement for the race and the championship. The other drivers on the grid don’t have as much of a reason to put up a fight as the two contender’s team-mates.


    If we’re looking at an entire season, I don’t mind if the championship isn’t close but we get lots of good races. That was the case last year (borne out by the Rate the Race results).

    On paper this looks more like being a repeat of ’06 than the kind of ultra-tense title races we had in ’07/’08/’10. I hope we get a tight finish but I think Alonso’s going to need a bit of luck for us to get one. Perhaps the skies will oblige.


    50/50. Both are equally important to me. 1997, 1999 and 2010 are my favourite F1 seasons. 2012 has been great, too.


    I want a wet race. As a Ferrari fan, rain is my only hope of Fernando winning.
    But even if Fernando bins it, atleast we will get an exciting race in the wet. Part of the reason 2008 remains so special is because it was a wet race. Come to think of it, which championship deciding race was held in the wet other than 2008?


    For the championship of course. The race means nothing honestly. Everyone will be concentrating on who will win the championship under certain conditions rather than the race. We’ve had plenty of great races this season. A year like this deserves a classic title decider.

    Come to think of it, which championship deciding race was held in the wet other than 2008?

    Suzuka 2003, although it was moist and semi-wet rather than a full rain race.


    Come to think of it, which championship deciding race was held in the wet other than 2008?

    Gotta be 1976. Hunt won that one after Lauda pulled out because he couldn’t see through the spray.

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