Would you retire this year if you were Alonso or Button?

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    In light of McLaren burdens this year, it looks as if a real recovery (podiums or wins) is far from happening. Even more, they have the oldest pair, Alonso and Button. Do you think it has come their right time “to go fly fishing?” Support your oppinion with your own pros and cons.


    They both have multi-year contracts so I don’t think either of them will be going at the end of this year. I think they both deep down have faith that the problems will get sorted, be it during 2015 or in the off-season. If push came to shove though, I imagine Jenson would be the first one to call it quits.


    I agree they must be on multi year contracts or at least have get out clauses. However after how he was treated last year by McLaren (who must have know that Alonso was driving for them this year at a board room level at least), I wouldn’t be surprised if Button is looking into other forms of motorsport such as the world endurance championship


    Why would I?


    I expect the Honda to improve a lot once they get it sorted, so no I wouldn’t. Having manufacturer backing is a real plus in this modern era of F1.

    Alonso is 33 and Button 35, they both still have some good driving left in them. Neither of them were under the impression that they would be competing for victories from the beginning. OK they might have thought it would be more competitive initially but both of them know its a more long term thing.

    If Alonso were to leave though his only viable option at present would be retirement or some sort of sabbatical. That was kind of the point of joining Mclaren wasn’t it, Ferrari was no longer viable, he doesn’t fit Red Bull’s policy of promoting from within (and Renault have their own problems) and Mercedes are very happy with Hamilton and Rosberg. None of the other teams, with all due respect have a shot at winning the championship. I don’t think he will do what he did in 2008 and 2009 again and join a less competitive team just to stay in the sport.

    If Kimi decides to call it quits at the end of this year though, stranger things have happened before in this sport than Alonso rejoining Ferrari… Although unlikely, its not beyond the realms of possibility if he does end up becoming tired of Mclaren.


    If I was either of them I would have retired at the end of 2013 and knock on Porsche’s door for an LMP1 drive.


    I’d consider retiring if I were Button, depending how this season goes, as for Alonso, I would go straight back to Ferrari.

    N.B. I am aware that Alonso moving would obviously depend on his contract and those of other teams.


    Why on Earth would they do that a year before Honda and McLaren should start to bear fruit?


    They are both nearing the end of their careers. If they were honest, except for a miracle they are not going to win anything anymore. If they move to another series like WEC, WTCC or whatever they could hop in a competitive team right away because of the credentials they carry with them. Alonso always wanted to race at Le Mans, and knowing the man I think he would like a shot at P1 and not P35 in a GT car.


    We see drivers these days eking out their careers for as long as possible, driving uncompetitive cars to keep themselves ‘on the scene’ in the hope they get noticed by a good team and can start winning again.

    That’s the only reason drivers like Trulli and Kovalainen went to Lotus/Caterham, de la Rosa went to HRT and Glock went to Virgin/Marussia. And you can add Button and Alonso to that list with the car they are in this year.

    Should they retire? Yes. Will they? No.


    In all honesty…. it is ludicrous to even think ALO would retire after this season. Many would love that but it won´t happen. He´s still got 3 or 4 more good years in him. Schumi proved he could still hang with the youngsters so why think about retiring?

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