You know you've been watching Formula 1 for too long when ..

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    … When you’re counting down the days until Bahrain before the race in Abu Dhabi has even started.

    … When you can explain the Lotus naming dispute and make sense of it.

    … When you request to look after the block of flats in your residential college that contain flat 27 because of the historic connotations of the number (I actually did this, but I have to live in flat 28).

    Over to you.


    …. when you just woke in a cold sweat after reliving an alternative title finale, Alonso still lost

    …. when you think its entirely normal to try and get up at insanse 0’clock for qualifying and sometimes even free practice

    … when you jealously guard fridays on your uni timetable so you can watch free pracitce

    … when you use social networking sites such as twitter and formspring soley to talk to people about F1

    and PM that no.27 thing is brilliant, I always look out to see who gets no.27 when we go karting but I would never see myself as worthy of the number


    – your ringtone is Seb Vettel crying like a little girl…

    .. 3 minutes after it was on the Beeb.

    – Some bloke called Scarbs, holds a prominent place in your affections.

    – when you hated the letters M and S, and the colour Red, but now hold a reverence for them.

    Stephen Jones

    ..When you’re dad gets a haircut, and the first thing you say is “you look like christian horner”

    ..When even though you’ve been living and driving the same route for 17 years, but you still rush to the window every time you pass Albert Park.

    ..Whenever it rains, you instantly compare it to korea.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    and PM that no.27 thing is brilliant

    Thank you. I also chose the block of flats (I get four – #25, #26, #27 and #28) because it’s a little more isolated than most of the other blocks, my rooms (I get two because of my position) have a good view, the stairs at the front are steep (I need the exercise), it has its own volleyball court (technically, it belongs to the entire Village, but it’s right outside my block) and there’s a lot of greenery around instead of a car park. But the 27 was important.


    .. when you’re sure Mansell is gonna make a come back…


    – You go to your car mechanic, and tell him that you are suffering from massive understeer.

    – When your girlfriend says she is going to the Spa, and the first thing that pops into your mind is her sitting in a Mclaren and flooring it through Eau Rouge.

    – You meet a Michael Schumacher fan, and for some reason you do not get along with that person. ;)

    – While drinking champagne, you are sometimes tempted to either spray it out on everyone, or at least pour it out on the friends next to you.

    – After winning a game of tennis… the Vettel index finger is now a part of your celebration.

    – The F1 season has finally come to an end on Sunday, yet you log on to f1fanatic like nothing has changed.

    Dan Thorn

    …You take the racing line under any circumstances (walking, driving, pushing trolleys in the supermarket) and then retrace the route to try and perfect the line…

    …You make massive amounts of pointless spreadsheets to store stats that are readily accessible on the internet…

    …You create AI seasons on rFactor, watch the races and make notes of the results before compiling them into a wikipedia style results table just to see how a season could have turned out…

    …A simple trip karting becomes more and more like an onboard lap of Senna at Monaco every time you remember it…

    Stephen Jones

    ..You try slipstreaming on the freeway.

    ..You stop in front of the house and expect the mechanics to push you into the car park.

    ..You use racing lines while climbing up a stair case (quite fun)

    Red Andy

    …You’re disappointed because it took you two-tenths of a second longer to eat your breakfast than yesterday morning.

    …Halfway on your walk to work, you stop and change your shoes.

    …Every time you’re walking down the street, you have the unshakeable feeling that Fernando is faster than you.


    Awesome topic!


    …you try to be in the slipstream of the front car on the highway…

    …every wet road seems dry after Malaysia 09…

    …an old man is stuck to 40 kph and you can’t pass him, so you start screaming “Fernando is faster than you, baby!!”


    You go to an open go-kart track down by the harbour and end up overtaking everyone even though it’s not a race.

    You spend all your internet time here.

    You come up with track layouts for the streets you’re driving down (Chicago lakeside would be awesome, btw)


    …your dad’s first question on the phone is, “what are you doing this weekend? any Formula 1 on?”

    …your girlfriend (who doesn’t really like F1) refers to the drivers by the first name “Oh come on Mark, crash again!” – “Is that Vitaly?!”

    …as soon as the season finishes, you start emailing around asking for past seasons (or maybe that’s not long enough)


    -Your dreams often yourself racing in F1

    -You refuse to get drunk the night before F1 is on as you have to watch every second with an absolute clear head.

    -someone laughs you think of Alonso at Korea.

    -somesay says “baby” near you and you just have to snigger and say “Felipe baby” despite noone having a clue what the heck you’re going on about.

    -you make friends text you before 12 on a Sunday as you’re convinced it’ll bring luck as the last time they did that the result that day was very good.

    -On a night out when you’re asked if you want another glass of wine you start rambling on about Jarno Trulli

    -You make your pin number relate to F1. I use certain cars numbers.

    -you’re driving along and you suddenly see a red car and want to follow it and pass it because you like to pretend it’s a Ferrari

    – you no longer use coventional dates and use F1 GP weeks as your reference point to work out where in the year you are.

    -In a lecture you make your pens race against each other.

    -taking notes and I’m bored I like to play a game and stick driver’s names in i.e instead of writing “also” it would be “alo”. When I try to read it back for revision it is very confusing!

    – someone mentions The Hulk and you immediately jump in talking about whether he has done better than Petrov and in actual fact your friends are debating whether The Hulk or Spiderman was cooler.

    – you use F1 situations as metaphors. In my not so wise moments when a friend has needed advice I have compared it to Suzuka 90 Senna vs Prost.

    -you want to pull out a Wacky Races dvd just to give you some racing to watch during the off season

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