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    PM, I was swayed buying a house because of the number 27! It just felt better.


    @ Dan Thorn – Hahaha, so true! I think I’ve been walking/pushing the trolley etc etc along a racing line for years! I can’t help it!

    Actually, if my wife is ever in the car with me, she’ll will occasionally ask why I drove around the corner that way (“Because it’s the fastest line…. it’s okay there aren’t any other cars around….”)


    …you take the racing line when walking.


    – You leave your Christmas Staff Party early without drinking much so you can watch the final race properly (yes I did!)

    – When you watch the race (or Qualifying) you have your computer next to you with the F1 Live Timing, the F1F Live Blog and Twitter windows all open next to each other.

    – You keep going back to the Championship Calculator to try to work out other outcomes

    Ned Flanders

    When you have no friends because people think your obsession with F1 stats is weird… :(


    … you get up at 6am to watch a GP then when all the coverage finishes at 11:30am spend an hour and hour on F1 fanatic before watching the re-run at 1pm then watch the highlights on iplayer the next day. OK Korea was a special case, but I’m still sure that’s unhealthy


    …You enter your class and all of your classmates round up around you and tell you that Alonso has lost the WDC.


    “…You enter your class and all of your classmates round up around you and tell you that Alonso has lost the WDC.”

    oh thank god I never had that one. Although I’ll get similar treatment tonight at Karting I imagine school’s worse. Thankfully for me in 2007 all my F1 following friends whether Kimi or Alonso fans were united in a desire to see Hamilton lose.


    Working a delivery job in Montreal you get a package for the Casino inside the Gilles Villeneuve circuit on the Friday of race weekend and even though everyone tells you there’s NO WAY to access the complex you sweet talk/lie/beg your way past the security guys and then drive through the island reeaalllll sllloooowwww so you can take in as much Friday practice as you can, for free, when you weren’t supposed to. (Okay so that’s bragging a bit, but true story)


    <blcokquote>…You take the racing line under any circumstances (walking, driving, pushing trolleys in the supermarket) and then retrace the route to try and perfect the line…

    …You make massive amounts of pointless spreadsheets to store stats that are readily accessible on the internet…

    For once I thought I had posted in this thread already. I do exactly the same thing!


    … The first thing you do on a Christmas morning is log on F1 Fanatic.

    … You seek for news during the off-season like there were any races going on.

    … Your girlfriend thinks you are actually maniac about it.

    … You have nothing to talk to your friends on Monday because none of them are into F1.

    … You actually have a heated discussion with your job mate over the Webber-Vettel incident at Turkey (or any F1 controversy for that matter).

    … You suddenly wake up thinking “OMG IS THE RACE GOING ON ALREADY?!”, then you realise there it is still 4am.

    … The only think you really do on the internet is reading F1 news.

    and finally

    … When you look at every car in your city and try to imagine how the air flows around it.


    …If you record the bits you miss when you go to the toilet within a race

    …If you pose infront of the mirror acting as your favorite f1 driver

    …If you have a seperate calender just to count down to Bahrain

    …If you try to replicate a crash on f1 2010

    …If you make the noise of an f1 car when walking round a corner

    And Danthorn sometimes i take the racing line when walking.


    …you talk through laps on F1 2010 like you’re Martin Brundle explaining it to the world.


    @Ads21 – My friends know I’m a Ferrari fan, when it wins, I enter the class all happy, wearing a Ferrari t-shirt, and when Alonso lost my friends were sorry but some others said they were happy Alonso lost it just because I supported him and they had to support another driver. And then they ask me: “Have you seen the race?”, every time, and I tell them:”Of course”.

    sbl on tour

    when you decide to watch the footy instead

    only joking!

    Felipe Bomeny

    ……. school debates are about whether Di Grassi is better than D’Ambrosio

    ……. you describe your underwear’s color as ‘British Racing Green’

    ……. you nicknamed your dad’s BMW ‘Robert’

    …… after you get an excellent grade on a test, you start singing Ayrton Senna’s vctory theme

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