You know you've been watching Formula 1 for too long when ..

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    …you talk through laps on F1 2010 like you’re Martin Brundle explaining it to the world.

    Thank god, I thought I was the only one.

    …when you go to a party and stay up really late, and still get up at 5 to watch qualifying.

    …watch replays on racing games and try to explain what drivers are thinking (or is that just me)


    When you know that rallying driving style is better for a shoping trolley than a formula 1 driving style.


    When out go karting , you shout how to take the corners to yourself like martin brundle explaining a qualifying lap.

    When you hear or see something about F1 in your area , you go out of your way to see it, Like when michael schumachers 2004 f1 car was a few mile from me and i never knew about it :(.

    Red Andy

    On the subject of shopping trolleys:

    …you put too much heavy shopping towards the back of your trolley and then complain about understeer.

    Ned Flanders

    Haha some of these are great! Nice idea for a thread.

    I remember when I was a kid (and occasionally now when I’m bored, but shhh don’t tell anyone!) I used to walk up/ down stairs with my hands out in front as though holding a steering wheel. When talking corner I’d then bump into the walls and go spinning round, simulating a crash. Twas fun, but also very sad…

    Ned Flanders

    Also, another one relevant to me is: when you’ve got barely a day and a half to spend in a great European city (Budapest), and you insist on spending a great deal of that time watching the Belgian GP weekend. Great race though it was, I wish I could just give the F1 a miss on occasions like those, but it just wasn’t possible!


    …You take the racing line under any circumstances (walking, driving, pushing trolleys in the supermarket) and then retrace the route to try and perfect the line…

    DanThorn! This is amazing! This is my life!


    When it rains I step in puddles to cool down my shoes.


    The racing line is sooo true! :)


    …when the back section of your school journal is filled with the 1996 calendar, drawn, from memory, in Biro. Yes everyone though I was weird. Everyone!


    … when you hear “Red Bull” and the first thing that comes to your mind is the racing team, not the energy drink brand.


    … when you go karting and if you understeer a bit you instantly think think “this kart is understeering like a cross channel ferry”


    When you start seeing tracks and corners in the shapes of everyday objects.


    …when cycling in the rain you put a flashing rear light on “Because that is what they do in F1”.

    Not that I did that the other day, of course.

    *shifty eyes*

    Actually I’ve also deliberately cycled through puddles to “cool the tyres”. And slightly because cycling through puddles is fun.

    Oh, and also hello! Long time reader, first time poster, etc.


    …your convinced screeching engine noises is a suitable acompliment for passing joggers

    …you frequently outbrake yourself on fairly busy roads on your bike, who cares about mortality when there’s tenths to be gained.

    …you get fairly excited whenever a female F1 fan is found

    …you discuss tyre compounds with your sister over the dinner table

    …you’ve topped the most frequent poster table on F1Fanatic, everynow and then you formulate a post in the hope Keith might make this one that next COTD, or plan to regain the top spot by massivley over posting.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 129 total)
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