You know you've been watching Formula 1 for too long when ..

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    …when you’re at school learning about Horner scheme and you think ‘Newey must’ve helped him with that’…


    When you feel the need to warm the tyres on your car, or in my case, motorcycle.

    Or best yet, when you’re making love to your girlfriend and ask her if we can continue this later because the race is about to start… (should I be worried by the this one?)


    Or best yet, when you’re making love to your girlfriend and ask her if we can continue this later because the race is about to start… (should I be worried by the this one?)

    I’m not really sure what to say about that one… =)


    when you read “Hanukkah” and think of the 1998/99 world champion.


    When you realise you have no chance to watch the race live, you record it and then spend the whole day with no TV Internet Radio on. You hurry the kids to bed let the wife watch her weekends 4hrs of reality TV and then sit down and watch the whole coverage at midnight, going to bed at 3am and then getting up at 6am to go to work.


    @Chalky! I did exactly that with the Brazil qualifying. I have no wife and kids though, but still had to protect myself from radio and tv for a whole day.


    …When you instantly loose interest in a girl cos she hasnt heard of F1.

    …When it irritates you that your workmates ask you what your doing at the weekend and theres a race on

    …When your homepage is this site

    …When you change your pc wallpaper every race to honour the winner

    …When you get angry that people have NO IDEA you have a team shirt on

    …When you walk round chinese cities trying to find a bar with the quali on

    …When 90% of your conversations with your dad are about F1

    …When you can draw a diagram of every track on the calendar (try it youll be suprised)

    Great work everyone, ive actually cried with laughter at alot of these :D


    … When you take full advantage of Google Chromes multi homepage feature and have 13 different home pages for all of the F1 teams + F1 Fanatic.

    And yes like many others when you take the racing line where-ever you go


    -When you ignore people just because they don’t know that Suzuka is in Japan

    -When you wake up at 3.30am to watch Australian GP practice

    -When you can recite all WDC’s from 1950 onward in under one minute by heart (somebody said this earlier, so I took the liberty of adding something that I’m used for at family celebrations)

    -When you’re 7 years old, and you find yourself crying because Mika Hakkinen retired from the sport

    -When you dream the results of a race before they happen (correct, of course)

    -When you’re too addicted to cheer for someone, you just HAVE to watch it

    -When you write love songs about Formula One

    -When you can’t remember people’s names, and you refer to them as Sebastian, Mark, Lewis and Fernando

    -When you cow is named “Red Bull” and your horse “Ferrari” (These animals aren’t actually mine, but I named them)

    -When you find it ironic that 60-years-old man has called his team “Virgin”

    -When you miss your grandma’s funeral, because you have to watch Spa-Franchorchamps (people day all the time, but Spa is only once a year)

    -When you’re not surprised because Jenson Button won a race

    And, of course, racing line and psychical pain when missing a race are also there :)

    Stephen Jones

    you’ve memorised the entire Nurburgring


    When the season is over and you’re seriously considering a winter sleep.


    When the season is over & you start counting backward when it will again start.

    Felipe Bomeny

    ….when your yellow shoes are dubbed R30s.

    ….when discussing G-forces in physics, you mention Kubica’s Canadian GP crash

    …..when you suggested to name your sister’s pet turtle ‘Minardi’

    Stephen Jones

    the turtle one is gold

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