You know you've been watching Formula 1 for too long when ..

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    Personally, I regard the month’s between the end of the last season and the beginning of the next as the dark months. For me, winter only begins after the last race of the season, and end’s the weekend of the season opener.

    and on the subject of a winter sleep, if only it was possible…


    …When you look at an F1 car and can not only tell the model, but at what period it raced in the season from the areo package and upgrades.

    …When your more acurate and timely than Jonathan Legard with your race commentary.

    …When you can’t record any more programs on your SKY HD box because it is full of F1 quallifying and race events or the last 3 seasons, and rather than delete these recordings you buy a new Hard disk to swap out.

    …Your calendar has premarked sick days on Friday quallifying.

    …when your boss accepts you can’t be booked for ‘on-call’ duty becuase he knows it’s a race weekend.


    “you’ve memorised the entire Nurburgring”

    Lol I think that one’s more of a you know you’ve played too much GT5 when…

    Force Maikel

    …when afther the season during the exams you set your alarm early to study it feels to damn familiar

    …when looking at a burning candle you can’t resist thinking about lotus

    this is a super topic


    … when you’re doing tangency on drawing boards in Graphic Communication class and you pretend to yourself that you are helping Adrian Newey to design the RB7.

    … when your folio from said Graphic Communication class involves an advert for engine oil endorsed by Felipe Massa, a 3d Lego man display of Fernando Alonso and a computer graph showing the winners of ‘fastest lap’ from 2009. :D

    … when you are looking forward to your first driving lesson so you can overtake (in a responsable and safe manor ;) )somebody – just to repeat Rob Smedley’s infamous words from Hockenheim 2010.


    …When you’re Birthday is 2 days after Bahrain but you’re more excited about the race.

    …you spend most of your free time watching classic gp vids on youtube

    …you went to the store for 3 days before F1 2010 launched to see if it came out early. and then wait in the store for 4 hours on launch day only to find out that it was late and wouldn’t be in until tomorrow

    …your playercard on Call of Duty Black Ops is the F1 logo


    you press refresh every minute waiting for the next F1F article… and it’s 3am.

    Nic Morley

    … when you find 12 snails and paint each of there shells the colour of a team and race them.


    …you count up how many years you’ve actually been following/watching F1 and your own response is “whoa!!!..that long??? ” (55 years isn’t too long, is it?)

    … you call in every favor you are owed to be posted to Ramstein so you can get to European races more easily.

    … someone talks about the Nineties as “the good old days” and you snort “Kids!”


    You see the Donington Park circuit in this innocent map showing how to get to a supermarket.



    …When people asks you when you begin following F1 and your answer is 6 years before you were born

    …When instead of music you turn on the DVD player with grand prixs of the past…

    Dan Thorn

    When you do this to your Mum’s spice cabinet everytime you visit the parents…



    @ JCCJCC

    …When people asks you when you begin following F1 and your answer is 6 years before you were born

    …When instead of music you turn on the DVD player with grand prixs of the past…

    Too right on both counts.

    Alianora La Canta

    …you know Midland isn’t necessarily a place, Spyker isn’t an exotic species of porcupine, Andrea Moda isn’t a fashion designer, Pacific is sometimes not an ocean and Token isn’t always something one might put in a locker

    …when you start using your F1 blog as part of the supporting evidence for your job applications

    …you have to remind yourself that two lengths in the swimming pool is not a lap, your team-mates don’t have to move out of the way because your training sessions do not employ blue flags and blaming crashing into the wall at the end on chronic understeer will merely cause strange looks.

    …when a friend asks you whether changing jobs for something he’d enjoy but is not necessarily guaranteed to last very long, you use Fisi attempting and succeeding in going to Ferrari as an example of why he should give it a go

    and finally:

    …someone mistakes you for a F1 journalist on Twitter even though you haven’t even been to a F1 race since you joined Twitter and have never suggested to anyone that you might be a journalist


    …when someone asks you a question and you begin your reply with ‘For sure…”

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