Your best and worst moments of the 2011 F1 season

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    best moment: I jumped out of my chair when Button overtook Vettel on the last lap in Canada. it’s incredible how he had a penalty during the race and fought his way through the field several times to win on the last lap.
    this was one of the best races of our generation, no doubt.

    worst moment: seeing the teams get used to the pirelli tyres as the season went on.


    Best Moment- After long wait nearly though that the race will be Red Flag the race of Canada,which for me has to be one of my all time op 3 favourite race.

    Worst Moment- Some of the last couple of races didn’t provided the amount of excitement as it should have done.
    From my personal point of view,still 4 years of running still couldn’t made a GP .

    Alex White

    Best Moments –
    Canadian GP – after the restart. Possibly the best 20 laps of excitement in F1

    Alonso / Webber, Eu Rouge at Spa.. That was intense.

    Pirellis tyres – Brought a shedload more to the races, made them much more interesting strategy wise. :)

    Mark Webber finally winning a GP in Brazil – was nice to see.

    DRS… Yeah, some people might want to punch me in the FACE, but apart from the tracks where it was too easy, I think it was excellent :)

    Worst Moments –

    Red Flag at Monaco – the 8 lap run to the end was pointless and ruined a good race, because everyone changed tyres.

    Vettel constantly winning… The racing behind him was good though.

    Constantly having to watch the ‘Lewis Hamilton doesn’t have a bubble’ show on BBC. Yeah, He had a bad year.. but we don’t need 7 hours of talking about him in 1 weekend.

    BBC bending over for sky.



    Hamilton and Webber on fresher tyres catching and passing drivers at the end of the Chinese Grand Prix, and of course the moment where Lewis got past Vettel to take the win.

    Petrov’s podium in Melbourne.

    Alonso vs Webber in just about every Grand Prix.

    Button overtaking every car and forcing Vettel into a mistake to take a last-gasp victory in Canada. Actually, the whole race was the moment of the season – even the lengthy stoppages. I enjoyed that Grand Prix more than any other race I’ve ever seen.

    The drama and chaos of Monaco. DRS wasn’t working so it was a proper Grand Prix full of excitement and tension. The fact drivers were allowed to change tyre under red flag conditions was probably the most frustrating and disappointing thing I’ve ever witnessed in F1, however.

    The numerous scraps for the lead in Germany were amazing.

    Rowan Atkinson’s now famous reaction in India. That was probably the funniest moment of the year.


    Sadly, there were many of these this season. Robert Kubica’s rally accident got the year off to a terrible start and Renault made a mess of the rest of the year. I’ve never been more annoyed with a team in my life. First there was the Lotus mess, then all of the driver management issues. I like Robert, Nick, Vitaly and Bruno, but I don’t feel the latter three were treated well at all this year. They had redeemed themselves (for me anyway) for Singapore 2008, but they really took a step backwards this year.

    Red Bull’s team orders. The bit that annoyed me the most was that they’d been so critical of Ferrari after what happened at the Hockenheim and vowed to never employ team orders themselves, but did so as soon as the chance of an inter-team battle arrived. If it were anyone else, it probably wouldn’t have bothered me, but you can’t make fun of something and then do it yourself because it’s hypocritical and extremely disappointing for the fans. The slither of remaining respect I had for Christian Horner escaped in an instant when I heard that call.

    The whole Turkish Grand Prix. It was exciting – yes. There was lots of overtaking – yes. But it wasn’t the F1 I know and fell in love with 10 years ago. It was like I was watching something else entirely and it was a blur. I can barely even remember anything from that race, actually. It lacked the drama and tension of a Grand Prix and the only good battle was between Hamilton and Button down the pit-straight.

    I hope the DRS is gone. It’s had its chance and it failed miserably. If all of the cars were the same, it would work. But some cars are faster in different parts of the track than others. For example, Red Bull are slower on the straights and often the DRS wouldn’t work as well for them (Webber in Abu Dhabi for example). They can tune it and play with it forever, but it will never be right for everyone. The best option is to get rid of it before F1 loses its entire fanbase.

    2011 came and went – as usual – far too quickly. But I’m not disappointed, I’m glad the madness is over in a way. I hope it’s back to its best (2010 springs to mind…) next year.


    To be unkind, the best moment of the season was its end. I’ve never known a season to drag like this one, it felt like half the season had gone even before testing had finished!

    My worst moment was Hamilton’s race falling apart in Hungary. Not so much from a fan point of view, but right then it was curtains for the championship.

    Roll on 2012, hopefully.


    @icthyes I wouldn’t say it dragged, but I certainly didn’t look forward to races like I did in every other year of watching F1. I didn’t even really think about F1. It made me question my love for the sport, really. I hope it’s just the rules and Vettel’s dominance that have brought these feelings, but I’ve seen loads of it. I think @Alianora-La-Canta was the same, for one.


    – Canada was great because of the weather (made it more apocalyptic) and the situation Button had gotten into
    – Hamilton slowly catching Vettel in the Chinese GP and Webber’s comeback in that same GP
    – Vettel going around the outside of Alonso at the Curva Grande in Monza
    – Nurburgring was entertaining as a whole aswell

    – The anti-climax that was the end of the Monaco GP
    – Perez crashing at the exit of the Monaco tunnel
    – Massa and Hamilton constantly having some sort of on-track contact or incident
    – The lack of tension in the 2011 championship
    – The overall effect of DRS doesn’t have me quite convinced


    Best moments
    1) Every single pole from seb with particulairly the polelap from Spa cause it’s my country. And yeah I do have almost all of them except malaysia (he broke the camera), Valencia (don’t find it on the internet) and Abu Dhabi, not a good camerashot…) AND including the 15th pole for the record…
    2) Vettels pass in italy as well as the pass on hamilton at korea.
    3) Vettel winning it all again!

    1) Vettel winning it all again in 3rd position.
    2) Team orders at RBR, I really REALLY am greatfull that seb has the WDC again BUT I just wanted to see some fights between the RBR drivers just like lewis and button, what they can, every team can! We all know now that seb actually CAN overtake, he just needs to find that right moment of doing it and don’t get impatiant…
    3) The double DRS-zones. Actually it was stupid. You saw all the drivers trying to overtake in the 1st part, then get fooled in the 2nd part where everyone retakes the position. I saw webber overtaking hamilton in korea I think it was and suddenly he retakes the place. Webber was folled at that point. On the other hand, I don’t seem to get why they don’t wait and try an overtake on the 2nd DRS zone which has much more of an effect (after the 2nd straight at korea, there was no straight comming) 1 driver understood the concept of it. Don’t know who it was but there was someone at korea that wanted to overtake onto the first part of the DRS-zone and waited for an oppertunity at the 2nd part…


    Best: Canadian Grand Prix, Button last to first with last lap pass of Vettel. Crazy end to a crazy day.

    Worst: The FIA fiasco with the exhaust blown diffusers at Silverstone. Just “discovering” midway through the year that the teams were using this technology and that it was deemed illegal was disingenuous and the utmost in stupidity knowing it backdated to the previous season. The interpretation of the rule is still suspect.


    Best moments: Button giving us the drive of the season at Canada. Witnessing the Tifosi go mad as Alonso comes around Parabolica first at Monza. Perez making a stunning start in Melbourne (even if they did break the rules, he did well!). That brief moment between Vettel getting a puncture in Abu Dhabi then having to retire, for a moment I thought we would have a great race from Vettel on our hands. A deserving champion showing the rest of the field how it’s done. Alguersuari making the most of straight-line speed in Korea.

    Worst moments: The messing around with the hot-EBD between Valencia and Silverstone, totally unnecessary. Perez meeting the wall in Monaco.


    China GP / Canada GP
    The sort of race excited and race finish which shows F1 at its best

    Maldonado at spa, dont think he should have been allowed to start the race after his actions in qualifying
    Marshals who kept falling over in Canada, the race track isn’t the place you want to fall over.


    Screaming in both soaked misery and unbelievable shock with thousands of other people in the rain of the Senna curves of Montreal’s Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.


    Lots of good suggestions so far, thanks guys. Keep ’em coming!


    Buttons performance in Canada despite the best efforts of his team-mate
    Alonso and Webber through Eau Rouge
    Schumacher’s defence of Hamilton for half a race @ Monza
    Alonso’s starts

    The end of the Monaco GP (it was building up into such a great end of race)
    Massa’s Indian penalty
    The whole BBC/Sky debacle
    Vettel’s failures coming after the title was won!


    On a personal level the best moment of the year was Alonso’s start in Spain, after such an uncompetitive start to the year I had so little hope going into that race and for him to take the lead so aggressively and then keep it for 20 laps was just magical. And my personal worst moment was free practice 3 in Australia when I realised Ferrari were nowhere.

    Looking at it more impartially I’d say the most exciting moment of the year for me was the climax of the Monaco Grand Prix as carnage unfolded infront of the battle for the lead as they entered the swimming pool. My heart was beating so hard it felt like it was going to jump out of my chest as I watched it unfold and leaders picked their way through the mess. It may have robbed us of an overtake for the lead but it was a great climax to the race nonetheless.

    Worst moment of the year would be watching the end of Canada and my overriding emotion being anger at DRS for ruining the spectacle. The passes on Schumacher and the last lap pass by Massa on Kobayashi left me unable to enjoy such a dramatic win by Button.

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