Your disappointments of the Season

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    Younger Hamii

    The majority of us F1Fanatics know THE disappointments of the 2011 Formula 1 Season but personally guys which Drivers & Teams are YOUR disappointments.Hopefully i receive mixed answers




    Mercedes and Lotus-Renault: For falling further back from the three leading teams.
    Williams: For practically becoming backmarkers.
    Sauber: For going backwards as the season progressed.
    Team Lotus, Virgin and HRT: Q1 is still seen as the session where 1 of the established team drivers will fall, not a session where any 7 could go out.


    Lewis Hamilton: For seemingly making more errors year on year.
    Felipe Massa: Not one podium.
    Vitaly Petrov: Australia was fantastic, Canada was very good. But is there anything else to shout about?
    Pastor Maldonado: Not a particularly good replacement for Hulkenberg.


    One word: Sky.

    Force Maikel

    @Magnificent Geoffrey yes if their is one thing about 2011 that is a disappointment then its the BBC-SKY deal. Horrible since F1 in my country Belgium is only broadcast on 1 station VT4. The show starts when the cars are on the grid, it sometimes doesn’t even show the podium and oohh the commentators are horrible they just don’t know what they are talking about. When BBC got the broadcasting rights i was so happy finally some decent broadcasting. For next year I’m going to have to rely on RTL germany (only because i got digital television in ’09) which is also a fine show but not as good as BBC. Hey I got to look at the bright side I get to learn a good handful of German.



    Ferrari – They’re clearly established themselves as the 3rd team.
    Mercedes – Not getting any closer. They are the 4th team, crystal clear.
    Lotus Renault – Ever since the third race in China, they keep on losing ground.
    Williams – Now their just another backmarker, really.


    Massa – Not a single podium in a Ferrari? Common!
    Hamilton – Has he forgotten how to overtake?
    Heidfeld – I was expecting much more of him.
    Petrov – Other than Australia, he’s been dismall.
    Maldonado – He was great at Monaco, but he’s done litterally nothing ever since.
    Barrichello – Old man, please retire.
    Trulli – Same as above.


    @Kingshark When you say ‘Lotus Renault’ do you mean Lotus or Renault?


    About the teams Williams is the big disappointment, drivers Webber and Hamilton about the races Bahrain and Definitely the end of the Monaco GP.


    Ferrari – Not going forward and not looking competitive in enough races
    Red Bull – Dominating everything
    Renault – Slowly going backwards and looking more and more back-marker every race
    Williams – Further tainting a good legacy
    Red Flag rules – Monaco GP was denied a good ending because of tyre changing and a whole new rear wing!
    Narain Karthikeyan – slow, slow, slow, slow ect ect
    Massa – looking like his best in some sessions and then not living up to it


    Massa – Sad to see the little guy struggling.

    Williams – Gutting to see what I always considered the biggest, fastest team in F1 down there.

    HRT/Lotus/Virgin – While they’re miles off the pace, modern reliability means that they’ve little chance of points whereas previous back markers usually had a chance.

    TV coverage – keeping the best & most revealing shots for the end-of-season DVD.

    TV coverage – S*y

    DRS – I like it, but I’m not sure about it’s implementation.

    KERS – Unlimited KERS please.

    Adrian Newey – His crocodile tears at Spa really angered me. If he had a concern about his drivers’ safety he should have accepted Pirelli’s recommendations.






    I’m not sure if this topic is aimed especially at drivers/teams but I’ll just run with what has disappointed me.
    Obvious stuff:
    – Championship whitewash by Vettel, I dont mind hugely as the racing is still good, but would have been an extra edge at this point in the year.
    – Monaco ending was somewhat unsatisfactory, although in the circumstances I wouldn’t blame anyone (apart from those who caused the crash!).
    – Kubica’s non-appearance really castrated Renault this year, although the car is a dog so perhaps it’s a good thing he missed this year.

    Personal stuff:
    – Heidfeld’s performance, I’m a bit of a fan of him and it was really disappointing to see him crashing out and generally being a bit rubbish, he’s better than that.
    – Mercedes’ performance, I want to see Schumi on the podium, damn it!
    – Istanbul getting dropped (possibly) for next year, one of my favourite tracks.

    Generally I’ve been very happy with F1 this year though, hopefully next year will be more of the same but with less of Vettel’s index finger.


    Karun not getting to race in India, Mercedes not getting anywhere near a win, and no-one really making Vettel work hard for his title (he obviously did work very hard and deserved it, but you catch my drift).


    @Kingshark When you say ‘Lotus Renault’ do you mean Lotus or Renault?

    Group Lotus Renault by Boullier, with Petrov and Heidfeld/Senna.


    Let’s see…

    – Having 2 teams named Lotus in Formula 1
    – Having 4 cars on the grid with a Red Bull livery
    – Renault fully renaming their team to Lotus for next year
    – Webber’s starts
    – Mercedes being kind of stuck in a zone between Ferrari and the midfield
    – Schumacher missing the podium in Canada because of DRS
    – Bruno Senna on every occasion except for Spa qualifying
    – Schumacher not making Q3 on numerous occasions
    – Jarno Trulli’s contract for next year
    – Vettel not getting a penalty for pushing Button in the grass at the start in Suzuka
    – Maldonado not losing his super license for trying to kill Hamilton in Spa
    – Maldonado as a whole
    – The pace of the Ferrari
    – HRT still swapping drivers like it’s all fun and games

    Just a few I can think of now…


    Ferrari. I suspected they would be though since it was announced Pirelli would supply the tyres.

    Renault. I’ve always had a soft spot for them so this season has been painful to watch despite how well it started.

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