Your disappointments of the Season

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    This is how just about every race goes like in 2011:

    Vettel on pole position as always.
    Mclaren, Red Bull and Alonso are fighting at the top, with Alonso being the slowest on primes and falling backwards on the end of a race.
    Massa in a lonely 6th.
    Mercedes are almost always 7th and 8th, occassionally picking on Massa. They’re too fast for the midfield but not good enough for the top teams.
    Force India, Torro Rosso, Sauber, and Renault are fighting for the final points, plenty of DRS action there.
    Williams are working hard to fend off Lotus.
    Virgin are holding off HRT in the back.

    I miss 2009, so compitive, all teams/drivers had their time to shine at one point. We need change.


    The second half


    Williams struggles.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    I’d have to say the biggest disappointment has been the lack of a championship fight. With Vettel only leading the championship for the first time when he won the championship, 2010 was always going to be a hard act to follow. But while the racing has been good this year, there’s been absolutely no title fight when the Pirelli tyres and DRS promised a lot; we’ve gone from one extreme to the other.


    Mercedes pace


    Williams – They used to own this sport!
    Renault – So much promise, so little return and no I don’t blame the drivers
    Mercedes – Ross Braun, only great when surrounded by great people???
    Ferrari – The once leaders of the pack, now the leaders of copycat.

    Webber – Highly rated by myself, psychologically outdone himself
    Hamilton – Spoilt Kids have always struggled to mature
    Maldonado – Ok his car is not great, but at least the Hulk scored a pole!
    Missed Kubica, Didn’t miss Heidfeld
    Missed The Hulk he could of driven two cars in one race better than Barrichello and Maldonado
    Overrated Adrain Sutils’ inconsistant drives
    Massa – I still think he’s is better than most give him credit for
    Michael Schumacher still trying to force his way round the track

    FIA’s inability to broadcast more team radio.
    Steward’s slow reactions to penalties.
    Mid year rule changes. Silverstone
    Direction changes on race starts, Vettel needs a steering lock down to the first corner
    OneHd broadcast….. BBC sellout and of course Sky

    Oh it’s so easy to sit on the fence, another great year in F1 i say


    Really my only disappointment is Mark Webber, he’s been beaten by Vettel consistently, which is hard to watch as one of his biggest fans. Although, the lack of blown diffusers next year gives me hope he’ll be better next year!

    The biggest irony I think is that the Pirelli tyres have given us great racing, but given us a boring championship! Vettel wouldn’t have ran away with it if they still had Bridgestones!

    Russell Gould

    While I understand those who’ve identified Ferrari as the biggest disappointment, I see their problems resulting from being faced with the Red Bull juggarnaut. I believe that’s why they’ve swapped (perhaps less regularly than desired) next-best status with McLaren this year.

    My biggest disappointment — Williams.

    Biggest driver disappointment — No F1 drive for Nico Hulkenburg; he deserves one (I just rewatched his qualifying and drive at Interlagos last year; he needs to be on the grid).




    Hamilton. Even when it isn’t his fault at all or it’s marginal, I still bang my head against the wall out of despair.

    Vettel. I enjoyed disliking him last year and him being scrappy- partly because when he caused incidents I could continue disliking him, and partly because it meant he didn’t build up too much of a lead. I have not enjoyed his dominance or how he has evolved from fast but sloppy (still wouldn’t begrudge him being world champion last year though) to a great racer.


    Indian GP didn’t live up to expectations.


    Johnny Herbert!! I vaguely recall him making a dodgy stewarding decision at the last race he wad appointed driver steward. What a c*ck!


    My main disappointments this season have been

    That no one has been able to challenge Vettel and so there was never a battle for the Championship. I thought that even if Red Bull had a car advantage over the other teams it would be between Vettel and Webber but Webber just hasn’t been close.

    The performance of Williams, I was hoping they could push on from last season and possibly challenge Renault for fifth, but instead they have dropped to ninth the bottom of the established teams by quite some way in the Championship.

    And of course the TV deal with F1 going to Sky, we won’t feel the impact until next season though.


    The driver I have found to be most disappointing is Mark Webber, he has struggled to beat McLaren and Ferrari let alone his own team mate. Webber should at least have backed up Vettel with numerous one-two finishes, and at least beat him occassionally rather than just once.

    Massa has also been disappointing, he is getting the minimum expected results from his Ferrari which is usually 6th place. Sometimes he has fell below the minimum expectations of where he should finish. If both Massa and Webber continue there bad form throughout 2012, Ferrari and Red Bull should drop them for 2013.

    Hamilton has also disappointed me, everytime he seems to come back from a bad run of form, he ends up returning to that previous form. He has had great race in China, Germany and South Korea, but it was painful to watch him in races like Monaco, Canada, Japan and India. Hopefully can rediscover his best form. I’d hate to see him leave F1 with just a single championship to his name.

    I haven’t found anyone else that disappointing this year, everyone else seems to have met the level I believe they should be performing at. Drivers like Senna, Barrichello and Trulli haven’t been great either, but I didn’t expect them to perform well anyway.

    sbl on tour

    yep , the second half of the season, this is now a flammin borefest, good example of this was india today, all their effort, for what?

    the whole f1 circus are that far up their….. they dont know that the real world exists

    rem, bill france and nascar, he wouldnt have stood for this type of racin, he,d probably put a load of ballast in vettels car for the next race, or something equally simple

    you know what, I cant remember when the next race is, and you know what I couldnt really care

    personally I blame ecclestone, time to get yer slippers on, etc

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