Your dream 2012 Formula 1 season?

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    What’s every one hoping for? I presume the majority will be wishing for the same great racing but with a closer title fight.

    Individual events I’m hoping for are:
    1. Mclaren win the driver’s title.
    2. Caterham score some points.
    3. Raikkonen bags a podium place.

    Over to you guys, pick three things that make your 2012 season perfect!


    1. The United States Grand Prix goes ahead and is a success
    2. UK viewing audiences aren’t hurt too badly by the expensive and complicated new broadcasting arrangement
    3. Closely-matched teams, exciting races and a down-to-the-wire championship


    1. Kubica’s return
    2. one of the Sauber drivers reaching a podium
    3. entertaining season like last one was, even if one team dominates


    1. Heikki Kovalainen scores some points for Caterham.
    2. Paul di Resta scores a podium finish.
    3. Lewis Hamilton takes title after an exciting 8-month-long battle for it.


    1.Shumi wins
    2.Button world champion
    3.Heidfeld returns and scores a maiden win
    4.Both Hulk and Sutil get drives
    5.Lotus (Renault) and Williams stop and reverse their fall
    Or at least Vettel doesn’t dominate the season again :) I can accept 3 titles on a row from him as he is one of my favourites, but one’s domination is not good for the sport


    1) Alonso wins the title
    2) Schumacher wins a race
    3) Kovalainen in the points
    4) The UK Audiences aren’t hit by the BBC vs Sky deal
    5) Attend an F1Fanatic meet up!


    I’d like a good season for the Finns:

    1. A podium for Kimi
    2. A points finish for Heikki
    3. A debut race for Valtteri (Bottas)

    I’d also like to see the championship go down to the final race, that’d be perfect!


    1. McLarens slightly better than Red Bull & Ferrari
    2. Mercedes at the Ferrari & Red Bull level
    3. A six-way fight for the title between HAM, VET, MSC, ROS, BUT and ALO until the very last race.
    4. Successful US GP in Austin, exciting race there!
    5. Sutil getting a drive for Williams with one surprise podium finish
    6. More rain!!


    1. Lewis Hamilton wins a close title.
    2. Caterham gets some points.
    3. Schuey wins!!
    4. Raikkonen comes and goes.


    1. Lewis Hamilton wins a close title.
    2. Caterham gets some points.
    3. Schuey wins!!
    4. Raikkonen comes and goes.


    1. Ferrari and Alonso win both championships
    2. Red Bull have a shocking season, finishing 11th in the championship and leading to Adrian Newey’s departure to Ferrari, along with Vettel.
    3. Felipe Massa wins races prior to bowing out to make way for Vettel in 2013, providing a strong backup to Alonso’s assault on the WDC.
    4. McLaren fall behind Mercedes, the WCC being Ferrari, Mercedes, and a rejuvenated Williams, with McLaren and Red Bull making up the numbers.
    5. Schumacher wins the German GP before retiring in style with a win in the final race of the year.
    6. Kimi gets on the podium multiple times in the season, as Lotus learn to develop their car.
    7. HRT and Marussia take lessons in observing blue flag rules.


    1. The whole field to be very close, like it was 2008 and 2009 (split by a second and a half)
    2. A successful comeback for Raikkonen
    3. Some new winners and more midfield teams on the podium
    4. Alonso, Hamilton and Vettel battling for the championship, preferably with Alonso coming out on top
    5. A successful season for Sauber :)


    1. Red Bull, Ferrari and Mclaren to build the slowest cars in the field and let someone else have a turn at the front.
    2. The complete absence of Ron Dennis and Luca Di Montezemolo.
    3. A ban on scripted, cliched and childish radio messages (eg ‘thats what I’m talking about’)


    1. Good competition at the front – Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, and possibly Lotus.
    2. At least a podium, if not a win, for Raikkonen and Schumacher
    3. Good results from the underdogs – eg. a podium for Sauber, a pole for Force India, etc.


    1. More rain
    2. Going to the US GP and seeing my very first F1 race in person!
    3. Less reliability among the top teams so that we get some more surprises from the midfield
    4. Williams bounces back
    5. And since everyone else has been saying it… points for Heikki!

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