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    I’ve just bought a picture of the podium finishers at the 2008 Canadian GP signed by Heidfeld, Coulthard, And of course, Kubica! It’s my first item, but I was wondering if anyone here has anything special related to F1. Signed Visors, pictures, a book, anything that you have thats related to F1 that has value to you.

    Here is a picture of the picture…


    Note: (This one just has Kubicas and Heidfelds because I already bought the one with all three)

    Dan Thorn

    I have a ton of books, quite a few unread, including a signed copy of Button’s ‘My Championship Year’ which I got last year when he did a book signing at my local shopping centre.

    I have a few iteams of clothing – A Ferrari hoodie and T-Shirt, a 2005 Renault T-Shirt, a 2008 Williams shirt, a Brawn GP T-shirt and a Giancarlo Fisichella 2005 Renault cap. Looking to buy a retro team shirt as well but I can’t decide which one! I also have a few 1/43 and 1/18 scale models.

    I’m not really too bothered about getting things signed, to me it’s just a squiggle on a bit of paper unless it also has a personal message as well, but each to their own!


    I have quite a few items of Mclaren clothing, a few of their model Formula One cars and some of the phots from Mclaren as I think they get some great shots.

    As for signed items: I have an 08 Mclaren victory shirt signed by Heikki Kovalainen, 08 cap signed by Lewis Hamilton, a picture of Jenson in his 09 car signed and a picture of Lewis in the MP4-23 signed by him.


    I have an F1 Encyclopedia…though I wouldn’t class that as memorabilia.

    I bought a Ferrari cap and RBR flag at Silverstone in July. They’re great!


    Way too much to list here but I’m an avid collector of F1 books, especially anything quirky and old. Just bought ‘Graham’, a book partly written by Graham Hill published in 1976, the year after he died.

    sbl on tour

    yep i,ve got that book too..somewhere

    other gems

    1 a few posters and signs that I stroked from monza over the years!

    2 took a great pic of the 6 wheeled tyrell in silverstone in 1976, it was only when I got it developed that as well as the car,there was one person in the picture casting his eyes on the car, it was none other than colin chapman, magic

    3 wrote to john watson when I was t,lad, he wrote back on brahham notepaper , enclosing a few signed pics, dont think that would happen now

    4 loads more, too many to list

    although not mine theres some lucky sod thats got an alfa sidepod from the austrian gp in 82 when decearsis went off into the boonies


    Felipe Bomeny

    A Bahrain GP 2008 poster

    A European GP 2008 poster

    A Belgian GP 2008 poster

    A Brazilian GP 2008 poster

    A Vettel 2010 fleece beanie

    A Kubica 2008 BMW Sauber Hat

    Niki Lauda’s To Hell and Back….

    and that’s it!

    Felipe Bomeny



    I have four books.

    Jackie Stewart: Winning is not enough

    Professor Sid Watkins: Life at the Limit

    Steve Matchett: The Mechanic’s Tale

    Perry McCarthy: Flat out Flat broke


    I have a couple of books, posters etc but my best piece of memorabilia is probably the rear wheel of Häkkinen’s Mclaren in 2000 :)


    F1 wheel…. niice, how’d you get that?!


    I love a bit of Memorabilia, however I don’t have anything signed or stuff like that.

    I have got a few books on F1, Jenson Buttons Championship year, F1 Encyclopedia, Aryton Senna book, a few models of the cars, looking to get a new Minichamps one for this year, I’ve got dvds of 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2005, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, a poster and calendar for F1, I’ve got 1998 Sauber and Williams hats.

    I love the fact that my family buy me F1 related gifts now, for my birthday I got two key rings, one of Jenson Buttons McLaren and another just F1 one, who needs to keyrings!!! Very much appreciated though. I also got some F1 shower gel and deodorant! HA, makes me sound like im 12 but I don’t care.

    I’m definately going to be buying some kind of clothing and maybe an old model of Sennas McLaren.


    I’ve got Fernando Alonso’s underpants!

    sbl on tour

    @andrew tanner- too much info

    no doubt they are of similiar ilk to gary linekers, whose f.rts are the aroma of perfume!

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