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    @Superted666 – How did you manage to come across a wheel from a Mclaren???


    One of my oldest friends (A girl) uncle works on the McLaren pit crew. He got me a signed and messaged magazine from Lewis when I was in Belgium. Then there’s my autograph book which is getting filled nicely. And my Sunday ticket signed by last years world champion, last year during Goodwood :) Plenty of books and the likes. Then there my bedroom. Flags on the roof and 1/18 models on the shelf :D


    A model of Alesi’s 1991 Ferrari

    A model of Hakinnen’s 1999 McLaren

    (both got them as a 13 year old when visiting Monaco with my parents)

    A signed Renault F1 cap I won in a contest the past year

    I’m not a big memorabilia buf + my girlfriend is already developing a disgust for F1 because of my total mental absence in the real world on GP weekends.


    Anyone want to post pics of all these cool items? :)

    I have been lucky enough to get a lot of cool F1 memorabilia so I’ll just share pictures of some of my favourites :)

    My first (and probably one of the best) pieces I have was Jos Verstappens pi tsign from Monaco 2000. Back when the pitlane was open after the race. We just unscrewed it and took it :P


    At Autosport International in 2009 we met Murray Walker who signed a book to us. (He spelt Katy’s name wrong but that’s very Murray isn’t it)


    For our first F1 trip together we made a flag which we got signed by Vettel, Webber, Buemi and Trulli


    Also at the autograph session we got all the Red Bull guys signatures


    This must be our weirdest piece. A letter from Karun Chandhok’s mother saying thanks for the support of her son! How sweet!


    Katy won a Mclaren competition on Twitter and got this signed photo of Lewis and Heikki.


    Christopher Hilton (RIP) book we received and were lucky enough to be in thanks to a competition Keith ran. We shared our experience of Spa and had some photos printed in too.



    My favourite bit of F1 memorabilia though has to be the F1 scrapbook we made of all our memories. Here are some of the things inside…

    Mercedes Live program we got signed by Hakkinen, Brawn, DC, De la Rosa and Heikki


    Page from our Red Bull day (Best day of our lives!!!) We went Karting with Ricciardo, Hartley and Jake Humphrey. Also got to ask questions to Mark Webber. Got a factory tour where we met Christian Horner and then had dinner in the Energy Station.


    Here’s the huge amount of F1 memorabilia we got from our day with Red Bull. Cap is signed by Horner, Red Bull Racing watch too I wear everyday. Love it.


    At Renault World series this year We managed to get photos from the Karting signed by Daniel Ricciardo and Brendon Hartley :)


    Our (Mine and Katy’s) latest piece is a championship winning print from Red Bull.


    Luckily Katy loves F1 too so all this awesome stuff can go up in our flat :)


    You are the luckiest fan on this site Tommy! :D So jealous…


    Thanks. We’ve done pretty well this last couple of years :D


    I saw something similar to Superted’s once actually.

    A tyre fitment place I went to a few years back had Karl Wendelinger’s Sauber rear wheel from the 1993 South African GP made into a coffee table. It was the most awesome thing I had ever seen, and I naturally wanted it….I did consider breaking in later that night and nicking it, but I didn’t.


    I saw something like that in the Donington Museum. Those wheel coffee tables look really cool :)

    Stephen Jones

    again, your stuff is awesome tommy! really lucky!

    and since you’re basically the redbull guy.. do you know where one could buy one of the redbull beanies that vettel wears? i’ve checked the redbull store, but they ain’t there..


    edit: actually don’t worry, they’re not making them anymore

    sbl on tour

    how could I forget, the most treasured items I have are my autocourses, starting 1979 to date

    difficult to get any previous editions as they cost a small fortune


    Ned Flanders

    When I went to the 2006 Italian GP I went on a tour of the pitlane. I noticed that Toro Rosso hadn’t locked their garage so I decided to pinch one of their cars, which I took home with me after the race. I keep it parked outside my house- chained up of course so that nobody trys to steal it! Here’s a picture:


    sbl on tour

    hold on , that pic aint taken in newcastle!


    I’ve got a 1994 MTV Simtek T-shirt, programme from the 94 and 95 British GPs and photos of Senna & Berger, Herbert & Hakkinen and Mansell taken at a F1 test session at Silverstone in 93.

    I did have a pair or Canon Williams Renault trainers

    And I did have and may still have rubber marbles from the track after the 94 British GP.

    And somewhere I should still have a couple of copies of the 1994 Team Lotus calendar, one version being the final version that was sold and another version produced with Castrol Lotus branding that had to be withdrawn before going on sale after they Castrol didn’t continue their sponsorship


    My Picture arrived today! It brought a tear to my eye seeing it. ;’)


    Does anyone know what my memorabilia would be worth? I have Nigel Mansells signed helmet from his win at the british grand prix in either 1987, 1991 or 1993 I would have to double check on the date! Dont know if the date would change the value!

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