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    In your view, what is the best looking Formula 1 car of all time? Recent years have seen some very ugly cars, with stepped noses, narrow track, oversized wings, barge boards, etc etc, so it’s nice to revisit some of the best looking cars from the past!

    My top 5 are:
    1. Lotus 79 (1978) – dramatic and swoopy
    2. Lotus 97T (1985) – beautifully proportioned from front to back
    3. Brabham BT55 (1986) – the skateboard!
    4. Brabham BT56 (1987-used on my avatar) – classic uncluttered lines, aggressive wide stance
    5. McLaren MP4-12 (1997) – the clean lines along with the smoke grey, black and red are a classic

    Would like to hear your thoughts!

    Theo Parkinson

    1) Lotus 49. Best looking car ever made.
    2) Ferrari F2004. My earliest memory of F1 was Schumacher in his dominant Ferrari’s so this is to me the definitive look of an F1 car.
    3) Brawn GP 001. Something about its simplistic design is so so beautiful to me.
    4) Mclaren MP4-4. Never liked it as much as some others but it is still an amazing car.
    5) Mclaren MP4-27. Best looking modern F1 car.

    Craig Woollard

    My top five:

    5) Lotus 25 – Do I need to say much about this? Superb piece of machinery.
    4) Sauber C12 – Plain. Simple. Beautiful.
    3) Brawn 001 – Similar to above. Like the odd colour scheme. Makes that era of car look nice.
    2) McLaren MP4/13 – The car that I recognise the most from my childhood, my hero Mika Hakkinen took it to the World Championship.
    1) McLaren MP4-20 – Ridiculously fast, the last of the V10s, driven by my modern-day hero Kimi Raikkonen, forever my favourite car.


    I thought I was going to be alone on this one, but my favourite as to be the Brawn GP.

    Others I’d include would be 05/06 Renault and 2010 Red Bull. I think overall I prefer the larger wings and cleaner design of the new breed compared to pre-2009, which isn’t the most popular opinion.


    Maserati 250F. Great handling, V12 engine, ideal car for both the works team and privateers. And it’s no eye-sore either ;)


    I have quite a modern top 5.

    5. Williams FW27 (2005) – The McLaren MP4-20 is a popular choice but this was 05’s nicest for me.
    4. Williams FW15C (1993) – The most technological-sophisticated F1 car of all time? Nice shape and the Canon-Camel liveries were always stunning.
    3. McLaren MP4-25 (2010) – Thanks largely to the F-duct, 2010 had the best-looking grid of the post-08 era. They looked quick. The red and chrome always made McLaren stand-out from the rest in their Vodafone days.
    2. McLaren MP4-23 (2008) – I loved the shape of 07 and 08 cars, and all the winglets, which 08 had more of. That’s why this is here and not the MP4-22. As above, I was fond of the Vodafone liveries.
    1. McLaren MP4/12 (1997) – 96 and 97 had stunning grids, before the 1998 chassis changes. These cars were clean-looking and wide, which made them look super-fast. The West livery was always pleasing on the eye. This was what the generic F1 car looked like to me when I was very young.


    My favourites, though not based on looks, in no particular order:

    Tyrrell P34 – 6 wheels!

    Honda RA109 – The least sponsorship needed for a race win (and 1-2, and WDC, and WCC) since…..the early ’70s?

    Red Bull RB6 – Good looking, and the fact that it broke so much kept the championship alive (instead of going the way of Vettel like last year), and yet it otherwise dominated the field (well, sort of).

    Honda RA108 – Best livery ever.

    Williams FW14B – No, as it turned out Williams didn’t need the FW15 in 1992.

    Brabham BT46B – Brilliant. Just brilliant.


    McLaren MP4-20
    that’s a beast and beauty at the same time. you know what, it has viking horns!


    My favorite is probably the Ferrari 156/85. Very pretty and fast, but sadly incredibly fragile.


    Look at this amazing car.



    Ferrari 640


    Has to be the McLaren MP4-20. Something about the black livery, the horns on the engine cover and the fact that it was so incredibly fast makes it almost evil-looking. It’s what a Formula 1 car should look like to me.

    Besides that, I always liked the Brawn.

    Djangles LeVaughn

    I have a soft spot for a few of the Prost cars with their royal blue paint scheme along with with the all black Arrows A19. The McLaren MP4-16 is also another one of my favourites as I have a scaled replica of the car in my possession.

    The aesthetics of the current cars aerodynamics still don’t please me and it’s not just the phallus noses I’m referring to.


    I love the Red Bull RB6 as it was just a sensational car from Adrian Newey, starting a period of success, a marvel of modern racecar engineering


    I like the look of some of the oddballs:

    1. 1981 Lotus 88b. Chapman’s mad double chassis ground effect car. Banned.
    2. 1992 Jordan 192. I always see the 7-up 191 in these lists, but I preferred the lines of the swoopier, droopier 192, if not the colour scheme. Yamaha motor was an anchor compared to the Ford in the 191.
    3. 1979 Lotus 80. Another Chapman experiment with ground effect, the entire car is a wing. The skirts extend from the tip of the nose all the way to the back wing. It was a spectacular disaster.
    4. 1979 Arrows A2. Ground effect wing car, another disaster.
    5. 1995 McLaren MP4/9. I always liked that there was so little of it, a tiny, beautiful clean looking machine.

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