Your favourite Grand Prix of all time?

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    Rob Allen

    Deffo agree with the Hill races :-)


    Brazil 2008 – nothing comes close for me!


    So many to pick from…

    I would say the 1999 European Grand Prix. Quite simply the least predictable race I have ever seen. There wasn’t a single dull moment.

    Other good ones that spring to mind:
    2003 Brazilian Grand Prix
    2003 British Grand Prix
    2005 Japanese Grand Prix
    2008 British Grand Prix
    2008 Brazilian Grand Prix
    2011 Canadian Grand Prix

    Rob Allen

    On this subject, just re-watched another classic: Adelaide 1994. The look on Damon’s face when he realises the wishbone is not repairable and is championship chances are over, nostalgicly saddening.
    Shumi u naughty boy lol


    1994 Japanese Grand Prix – Hill’s drive was superb in the worst possible conditions, the last few laps were among the most tense I have ever seen. Also, it was Taki Inoue’s debut race. :D Damon’s finest hour, or was it…
    1997 Hungarian Grand Prix – Another Hill epic, I’ll never forget watching him slither his rubbish but gorgeous Arrows A18 under Schumacher’s Ferrari at turn 1 and then disappear into the distance. The last few laps were painful to watch, but it was still a triumph for Hill.
    1999 European Grand Prix – Johnny Herbert winning for team Milton Keynes, Luca Badoer weeping next to his stricken Minardi, F1 gold.
    2000 Belgian Grand Prix – Classic Hakkinen v Schumacher battle settled by “The Zonta”.
    2005 Japanese Grand Prix – The best grand prix of the modern era. Fact.
    2008 Brazilian Grand Prix – A script Bernie could only have dreamt of.


    For me it’d definitely have to be Canada 2011 – a fantastic win by JB, and also the race that really got me into F1.


    Some good recent ones for sure, mostly in Brazil or Canada, but for me nothing beats the 1986 Australian. That was the race that got me hooked.
    The ultimate title decider with all kinds of twists and turns, and a really strong field with the three title contenders plus Keke Rosberg still around and Senna a real threat. The key moments are well known, but watching it unfold live in the middle of the night was incredibly dramatic.


    @tyreblowout Belgium 2008 was a disappointment as well because of the stewards’ decision. I remember that race was relatively quiet/tame (maybe there was a lot going on… at the time, the only driver I really knew was Hamilton, so he was my focus), then it started raining, and you could slowly tell that there was some great fun to be had before the race. That’s the type of rain I want in a race, but rarely see: just enough for you to question each corner, and to question whether you stay on slicks or move to inters. Due to what I said earlier, it should be no surprise, then, for me to say Brazil 2008 was one of my favourites, too. My heart sank when Vettel overtook Hamilton (on the last lap, too, I think) and couldn’t believe Hamilton’s luck (esp. after the 2007 season). Then, Glock happened…

    Brazil 2012 was nuts because of what happened to Vettel; great drive back for him. Similarly, Canada 2011 was nuts because of what happened to Vettel as well, which allowed Button to gain the victory. Normally, F1 is the kind of sport I’ll enjoy with breakfast and coffee, just to relax on a Sunday morning (Canadian here, so we don’t get a lot of afternoon broadcasts like UK/Europe would) but that afternoon, I actually jumped up out of my seat and cheered. The only other time I had done that was watching Belgium 2008.


    Note that I rate races based on the event itself, and not on how it effects the championship battle. That is the reason to why I did not include Brazil 2008 on my list, it was only exciting because of the title prospect, but the race on its own was rather dull.

    Silverstone 2003
    Brazil 2003
    Belgium 2004
    Japan 2005
    Hungary 2006
    Germany 2007
    Australia 2010
    China 2010
    China 2011
    Canada 2011
    Malaysia 2012
    Europe 2012
    Abu Dhabi 2012
    USA 2012
    Brazil 2012

    That is my top 15 list in order of date. I have been watching F1 since 2002.


    since I watching F1 back in 2001, there’s some races I’ll always cherish:
    – Braziliian GP 2003, 2012
    – Chinese GP 2006
    – Japanese GP 2005
    – Belgian GP 2004
    – Monaco GP 2004, 2005
    – Hungarian GP 2006

    My favorite ones? When Raikkonen won it: Japan 05, Belgium 04, Monaco 05.


    I think I have two races: probably my favourite is the 2008 Brazil GP, as it was the race that turned me from a casual fan into a fanatic.

    Alongside that is the 2004 Monaco GP. I was only 11 years old at the time, but I can clearly remember it. Since then I have read more about that GP, including how Briatore didn’t want Trulli to win that one. Even in parc fermé after the race he said something like “you’re lucky Alonso crashed”. But who cares about Flavio, Trulli won that one on merit.


    I can’t believe anyone hasn’t suggested Spa 1998 yet! A classic full of drama, carbon fibre and fistycuffs! :)


    2011 Canadian GP


    Brazil 2012. The range of emotion was incredible.

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